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One Week BUTAOTOME 216: post-Comiket 101 update, digital sales on BOOTH, plans for the new year, and more!

Welcome to the year of the rabbit! So, let’s start with a recap of all the news from the past two weeks… Post-Comiket 101 update! Another winter, another Comiket comes and goes… BUTAOTOME’s new releases are on sale on their BOOTH and all the best doujin shops. All the relevant links are listed on their respective pages: Houkiboshi | Best…. Read more »

Tiramisu Cowboy’s post-C100 update

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Comiket 100 has ended! As you can see from the picture above, I got the Retake+ set! Special thanks to Banbeucmas (from Banbeucmas Hobby Lounge) for getting it for me! I will translate the contents of the afterword book as soon as possible. Regarding the album itself… I decided I won’t write a review. This is my form of protest… Read more »

Comiket 100 release: Retake+

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Comiket 100 is on August 14, and BUTAOTOME will bring something… not so new!The only release planned for this event is Retake+ (りていく+), an album focused on re-recorded versions of old classics (basically 2010 hits + Hakanaki Mono Ningen). It also includes off-vocal versions. 幻想のサテライト 2022 | Gensou no Satellite 2022 [Tenkuu no Greenwich] 儚きもの人間 2022 | Hakanaki Mono Ningen… Read more »