One Week BUTAOTOME 216: post-Comiket 101 update, digital sales on BOOTH, plans for the new year, and more!

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Welcome to the year of the rabbit!

So, let’s start with a recap of all the news from the past two weeks…

Post-Comiket 101 update!

Another winter, another Comiket comes and goes… BUTAOTOME’s new releases are on sale on their BOOTH and all the best doujin shops. All the relevant links are listed on their respective pages: Houkiboshi | Best.

Apparently, the Year of the Rabbit set (with Ane acrylic stand and stickers) was massively popular, it sold out at the event and it’s currently out of stock on BOOTH. Did you manage to get yours? Ranko has been retweeting a lot of pictures with the Ane stand in various places, and she is looking forward to more!

Digital sales on BOOTH

A selection of old BUTAOTOME releases is available to purchase digitally on their BOOTH! This includes most of the best of albums, the first five Touhou vocal albums, Retake+, and most importantly the five original albums! Audio files are mp3 192kb/s, with no lossless option. Booklet images are included. Please note that Bowling lacks tracks 2 and 7 (Sharekoube and Panorama) due to those tracks being in major albums, so Avex has the rights to them.

Retake+’s Afterword Book

As an end-of-the-year present, the Afterword book of Retake+ has been made available for free on the FANBOX! A full translation can be found here (except for the two manga pages because haha me scanlating, I’m too lazy)

New Kanako Ito album

Kanako Ito has a new album coming up! Arigatou (ありがとう) is a celebration of her 20 years of activity, and features the special participation of many artists whom Kanako respects, including our Comp! He did track 3, Arifureta Hibi (ありふれた日々)! You can listen to the preview here. Arigatou will be released on January 29, but fans were able to get their copy already at Kanako Ito’s celebratory live on December 18.

Konnichiwa Byebye on Tetote Connect

As part of Chrono Circle and Tetote Connect’s collaboration, Konnichiwa Byebye (original song made for Chrono Circle) will be playable on Tetote Connect from January 27! Another game blessed by the Pig! Tetote Connect is an arcade rhythm game by Taito with… interesting gameplay.

Tiramisu Cowboy plans for 2023!

After the 10th anniversary review of my favorite album, it’s time to look at the future. What are the plans for 2023?

  • of course, Tiramisu Cowboy will be constantly updated as usual
  • have I LOVE RED and I LOVE CHERRY translated, so I can finally proclaim that every BUTAOTOME song is translated without any weird asterisk (…okay, there are the tracks that still don’t have official lyrics…). I wanted to publish Rattatta Winner and Dance Dance Dance before the end of 2022, but I felt like they sucked more than my usual translation and I didn’t get anyone to proofread them, so… :thejarAAAAAAAAA:
  • I would like to focus on having the contents of the Books section fully translated. Most of the untranslated stuff are comics, and…
  • “haha me scanlating, I’m too lazy” Maybe I should do more edits myself, so I can finally bring you more translated content… full Ane manga translation?!?!?
  • new stuff will get a review as soon as possible (still deciding if Houkiboshi and Best will get one single post or separate ones, but right now I’m propending for the latter), but I would like to review some old stuff as well. Some older albums would benefit from a re-review, such as FREAKS, CHILD HOOD’S END, the major albums, or even the Fanbook
  • continue the Nekokenban retrospective, so I can finally talk about the latter 10 Nekokenbans
  • have more content that isn’t just translations and album reviews, I have a couple of ideas for discussion articles (of course everything will still be related to BUTAOTOME)
  • clean up my archives and maybe publish more rare media
  • birthday posts will come back to their usual flair (so don’t expect things similar to last year’s posts, they were mainly a special thing for my 10th anniversary as a Piggy), but maybe I will add something extra…
  • and more…

Aaaaand that’s all for today! See you tomorrow with the long-awaited translated commentary of Juushin!

Oh, have some blessings from my haregi Mitama (game is Magia Record, the Madoka Magica gacha).