“About Juushin” [Fanbox blog post, 28/12/2022]

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Well, better late than never!

Ranko here. It’s the end of the year.
I’m going to talk about Juushin.

I’m sorry…… for saying I’ll do it again and again and now it’s the end of the year. I also apologize in advance for all the text.

For this album, we did the recording process a little earlier than usual. We had an audience live for the first time in a long time, so we were preparing for that as well.
I feel like I wrote a lot of lyrics.

👉Street Journal
For this album, I didn’t decide on the titles myself, but Comp named them, so I was freshly surprised that he would come up with those~
The original theme is The Mystery In Your Town, so I wrote the lyrics thinking about Hatate and well, people who write articles about mundane things.
I hate articles that expose people’s secrets and weaknesses so much, but I heard those are called yellow press or red press, so I wrote yellow or red in the lyrics. Either way, they are the same thing.
I’m amused that I wrote lyrics about buzz barrier and other such nonsense~ I think I was trying to not laugh while singing.
Musically, I like the distinctive sounds in the intro and interludes. They are so catchy.

👉Neko ga Kitarite
Mike-chan is cute, Mike-chan.
Look into Mike-chan’s origins, even if she is a tortoiseshell cat who cares! Don’t judge just by appearance! I think she is mad at me. Don’t get angry so easily…… Who cares, live however you want! Don’t tell me to get together! Oh, I didn’t say that. The white manekineko in my brain just said it on its own. I think a tortoiseshell manekineko is more unusual.
I really like Mike-chan’s grace and core strength, so I wrote that sort of lyrics.
Musically, I recorded the vocals……. while talking about how difficult they were. We also talked about how difficult is the original theme~.

When I first listened to this song I thought it was cool~~~ so I was looking forward to recording it. I think I could have done a little more with it now that I listen to it again, but I like it this way. This is the kind of song that I think I’m suited for.

👉Shinjitsu no Mitsu
I love the juxtaposition from the last song (wut)
I wanted to sing it fresh and bright except for the chorus~ so when I listened to it again, I thought it was rather nice that it was done as I thought it would be.
It’s just that the chorus is so frantic LMFAO
Now that I’m listening to it…… I think I could have done it better, but I’m doing my desperate best at that time every time, rather. I don’t know if I should consider this as growth or not, or if I’m not taking a bird’s eye view of my abilities at the time.
It’s refreshing to hear it over and over again.
These are my thoughts, aren’t they?

👉Honjitsu no Makugire ni
Tonight stars an easygoing egoist. This is the third time we’ve arranged this. The previous ones were Soldi and Fabulous, which are rather tough.
It was the first time for me to write lyrics for this theme, so I thought about what I should write about~, As a result, I thought I would write about the feeling I get after a live concert, which goes along with the tune of the song. The original theme has the word (Live) in it, and in fact, there is a live performance in the game. I wrote it in light of the current situation.
I thought I was writing something embarrassing, and I thought so when I was singing it, but now that I’m listening to it again, I think it’s a good song, my vocals are good, and I’m really embarrassed because this is what I really think. I feel so embarrassed, I’m done talking about it. But really, I’m always happy to have you come to our live shows, so please come anytime. I’m doing as much as I can.

It was difficult~!!!! Wooo~!!! I can feel the difficulty even while I’m listening to it now~!!!
But it sounds so typical of us and it would be fun to do it live. I wonder if I can do it…… gotta train……
I like this kind of guitar sound. This album is so bright in general. The sound is so bright that you can’t tell from the cover.

👉Tora no Kase
I love this song so much since I took it too~
I wrote the lyrics, so I wanted to write something good~ But then I wrote what I wanted to write…… as usual……
I think good lyrics are lyrics that blend with the melody so well that the song sounds even better with the vocals on top of it, but of course I try to find what I want to write while writing, and there are times when I am able to do so, but when I really want to include a specific word……, it often doesn’t work. I generally do something about that with singing. I wonder if one day I will be able to write lyrics that score 100 points~ that’s what I’m trying to achieve. Creating something is both hard and fun.
I’ve said too much in the intro. These lyrics are an homage to The Moon Over the Mountain. I tried to use as many hard words as possible. I am glad that some people noticed it and tweeted about it.
What if it was Shou-chan who turned into a tiger in The Moon Over the Mountain…… I wrote this song imagining that. She lived as a tiger for a while, but as she lived longer, she became a youkai, and then little by little he began to reason again, and after hundreds of years her caustic nature settled down, and she somehow found herself being believed in by the humans around her…… Something like that. If I could draw a manga, I would publish a doujinshi, but I can’t, so I made it into a song.

👉Kawaita Nodo
So bright! So cool! This is another song that brings out the best in me~ I’ll say it myself. It’s easy to raise your hand in the chorus and imagine a live performance. It’s a good song.

So these were my super late comments about our new Reitaisai album.
If you haven’t heard it yet, please give it a listen.
You can find it on streaming services or BOOTH.

Well then, Ranko signing off.