Tiramisu Cowboy’s “waiting for my C101 stuff to arrive” update

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Mostly an update to tell you that I’m alive, and working on stuff. My sense of time has been fucked up by the recent festivities, and I need to manage my projects better. Also, my package with Buta’s C101 stuff is finally in Italy! Time for the longest weekend ever… :kuroedeadinside: Oh, and happy Friday the 13th, I guess.

I have two pieces of news from the World of BUTAOTOME for this post:

In her latest blog post, Ane mentioned that the year of the Rabbit set will be restocked! She is also enjoying the various pics people have been taking with their Ane acrylic stand (you can see them with the Twitter hashtags #ランコの姉 and #旅する姉)!

We finally have a tracklist for NOSTALGIA Music Collection ~Op.3~, and man, it’s the meatiest compilation/OST release I ever saw in my 10 years of being a Buta fan! Here are the tracks relevant to this website:

Disc 1
13. Samui Uwasa (Buta original)
14. Barberia Tango (original song by ARM from IOSYS and Paprika, one of the very last songs she did as Paprika, no page because instrumental)
Disc 2
28. Itetsu no Pride (original song for the Bemani 2021 summer event, it has Ranko among the vocalists)
35. Ren’ai Kansoku -2021 Manatsu no Ending ver.- (with all the vocalists from said event, no page because Ranko has a minimal vocal part)
Disc 4
14. Koakuma no etude Op.1 “Tarantella” (same info as Barberia Tango)

A notable missing track is NEGAI, a 3rd Eye arrangement made for the game (it even got a story based on its lyrics on Yume no Hanashi!). How are we supposed to listen to it in decent quality…? Either way, I’m very excited about Samui Uwasa’s long-awaited CD release!

Aaaand that’s all for today.