Daily Bibibi – Jason has a sense of heroism and fairness!? [02/11/2021]

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In her monthly Bibibi post, Ranko talks about the Friday the 13th movie series and its main villain, Jason!

I’m Ranko, the BUTAOTOME vocalist.
This series of articles is about the things I like and how I like them.

Halloween is over, but I’d like to talk about a Halloween-related theme.

Have you ever heard of a horror movie series called Friday the 13th?
The theme this time is “Jason”.

In the second article of this series, I mentioned that “When I was little, I loved Kitaro, Godzilla, and one other thing” and well, that was “Jason”.

What do you think of a little girl who likes Godzilla, Kitaro, and Jason? If she was my own child, I would be quite amused.

But why did I like Jason? I don’t remember at all.
So I decided to take a trip down memory lane and watched all the movies up until the 8th one, which I must have seen when I was a little kid because of the years they were released. I’d like to quickly introduce them to you.

The first four films in the series are about a man named Jason Voorhees and how he became a murderer. He was tormented as a child because of his congenital deformity and drowned to death in a lake. In the first film, his mother is the culprit. She goes crazy after losing her child and kills anyone who comes near the lake. In the end, the mother is killed by the main character, but Jason is resurrected from the lake.

In the second and third movies, the resurrected Jason kills campers and residents who come to the lake (by the way, he started wearing his field hockey mask in the third movie). At the end of the third movie, Jason dies and is taken to the hospital, but he comes back to life in the fourth movie and is killed by Tommy, a kid living near the lake.

In the fifth film, Tommy is the protagonist. He has a psychotic break after killing Jason and enters a sanatorium. Jason appears again and the murders begin, but the truth is that he has not come back to life and the local people are copycats. However, Tommy continues to be tormented by hallucinations and finally ends up becoming Jason himself. I heard that the movie did not do well at the box office, but I liked it a lot. It was like a modern horror movie.

In the sixth film, Jason, who was supposed to have died in the fourth film, comes back to life for the reason I mentioned earlier (the story is not connected to the previous film). The story is that Tommy brings Jason back to life, and then he drowns him in the lake again.

The seventh film is about a psychic girl. When she was a child, she used her powers to sink her father into the lake where Jason was sinking. When she grows up and comes back to the lake, she tries to revive her father and accidentally revives Jason, but this girl is so strong that she beats up Jason with her psychic powers and finally drowns him back in the lake with her revived father. What the fuck?

The eighth movie was the one that faintly lingered in my memory. Jason, submerged at the bottom of the lake, is awakened by an electric shock and takes a boat to New York. He is full of charm as he tilts his head at a sign with the same field hockey mask as his own, and surprises a thug who gets involved by showing him his face under the mask. He did not kill anyone in the city when he was chasing the main character, perhaps because it’s hard to kill everything in sight in the big city of New York. He also has a mysterious sense of heroism and fairness, like unintentionally saving a woman from a thug, or waiting to attack until he’s told “your turn” after being pummeled in a physical fight. It was my favorite movie, although I have some memory corrections.

So my favorites were the fifth film, “A New Beginning” and the eighth film, “Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan”.

I didn’t feel the same “push” as Godzilla, but I was rooting for Jason in Freddy vs. Jason, which I saw later.

He doesn’t kill children or animals, and his sluggish movements and the way he reacts to being called are, well, cute.


These are the shoes I bought the other day and my current nails. Jason is on the middle finger of my right hand.
Looking at it this way, I quite like it. Good to know.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ll watch Friday the 13th~!