One Week BUTAOTOME 193: Touhou no Uta, various rhythm game news

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Autumnal Reitaisai 8 news

Reitaisai will be held on Sunday at Tokyo Big Sight and BUTAOTOME will have a booth there, but they’ll bring absolutely nothing new (hey, the image still uses the old logo). If you buy the Ura Best, you’ll get the postcard as a freebie.

Touhou no Uta

There was a Touhou no Uta livestream last weekend, and Ranko was the guest!

Here is her setlist!

  1. Soldi
  2. DesireDrive (Kisida Kyoudan)
  3. Ningen ga Daisuki na Kowareta Youkai no Uta (Cool&Create)
  4. Usseewa (Ado)
  5. Skyclad no Kansokusha (Itou Kanako)
  6. Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe

I noticed that there was no MiniComp… so I’m disappointed now!!!! #NotMyTouhouNoUta Jokes aside, the livestream was amazing. Next one is tomorrow, and it will have Beatmario. :beatmario_fan: btw, if you follow and retweet Touhou no Uta’s account, you get the chance to win a signed BUTAOTOME Fanbook and some 10th anniversary goods!

Rhythm game news

First of all, as previously announced, Gensou no Satellite (Getty Remix) is out now on the mobile rhythm game D4DJ Groovy Mix! The game is free to download on the Japanese AppStore/Google Play, and the song is unlockable through the Game BGM Shop. While D4DJ has an English version, it’s behind with the content, so it will take a while before GenSate is added there as well!

jubeat mobile got a new update! It added even more BUTAOTOME Touhou songs: Kaze ni Noseta Negai, Mittsu Kazoero, Kyoai, Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe, and Yurara Kamishibai! This marks the rhythm game debut for the latter three songs!

A new arcade rhythm game has been announced! It’s called Chrono Circle and made by Andamiro (the creators of Pump It Up). It will have location tests from October 21 to November 2 at Yokohama’s Round 1. It won’t include any BUTAOTOME song, however, their name is listed on the official PV. While it doesn’t hint about having Touhou songs (also let’s appreciate how there is a k-pop category), Akatsuki Records and Shinra-Bansho are also listed.

Small website update

TRASH BOX is done… except for one part. One stanza of one song. I apologize for the delay in publishing them. I’m currently trying to focus on finishing Hanafuda’s translations and maybe doing some compilation tracks here and there. In the meantime, the shuffle told me to translate Kotodama Hiroi and I did so. Now all the Toranoana Uroboros tracks are done!

And that’s all for this week!