One Week BUTAOTOME 194: AnimeGO and more

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We are veeeeery slowly approaching the 200th recap… should I do something to celebrate it?

AnimeGO Japan Pop Culture Festival 2021

So, remember the Japanese Culture Festival in Australia with organizers who love BUTAOTOME? Well, the 2021 edition was last weekend. This time, the Sis provided an artwork of the poster girl, which was used for some goods that were sold at the convention!

It’s funny to see the Pig involved in an event with absolutely no tie to Touhou at all, and that doesn’t seem to specify anywhere that they are mainly a Touhou group… Art is universal!
I’m still curious to know if anyone who follows this website went to this event and how it was! (I want the artbook too)

Live news

Touhou Spell Bubble will have its Spell Bubble Festival on November 23rd. It will be broadcast on Taito’s YouTube channel, and it will feature live performances of some music circles that have music in the game, including BUTAOTOME!

In other news, Comp will play the bass at Nanase Aikawa’s 25th anniversary live on November 7th!

Website updates

First of all, TRASH BOX and Hanafuda have joined the “fully translated album” club, lyrics translations have been added for all their songs!

I’m currently translating Hikari and Billiards, but I’m also doing some stuff not related to translations… I’ve been working on an event participation list. It’s still largely incomplete. In addition, I’m planning to move this live archive sheet into a proper page and update it with the 2020-2021 lives soon!

And that’s all for this week!