One Week BUTAOTOME 170: AnimeGO! and…

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Back into the MadoMagi hole…

Not a lot of stuff this week, but there is something I really wanted to talk about!

AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival

There was this event in Adelaide (Australia) on the 16th! It was not a Touhou-related convention, but a Japanese culture festival. BUTAOTOME was “there”. Not in a physical way, but with a video letter and music/illustration showcase. The organizers seem to love the Pig, they also had a Shoujo Rengoku 3 giveaway in 2019!
If any reader of this website was at the festival, I would love to read your report and which songs were played!

Twitter updates

Ranko recorded stuff. Comp is busy with music-making, tho I didn’t spot him retweeting some non-Touhou singer saying “I’ve recorded!!”. Ane is writing a blog post in the FANBOX almost daily.
Ranko also said that something interesting will be announced soon!

And that’s all for this week!

P.S: from now on, I won’t cover anything about Touhou Lost Word on this website, unless Comp makes a new song for it (as arranger/lyricist/bassist/vocalist???? and not as producer) or Lost Word Chronicle Ranko version is released.