One Week BUTAOTOME 169: Gensou no Satellite on Taiko no Tatsujin Switch, etc.

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Ranko recorded something the other day, while Comp was busy with recordings today! Oh, and there was a MiniComp Show last weekend, with Kanako Itou and Yamagishi, the Lost Word producer. The link is timestamped to Tori yo (song by Diao ye zong) sung by Yamagishi.

“I wanna play Taiko…”

Gensou no Satellite on Taiko Switch

A new DLC for the Nintendo Switch port of Taiko no Tatsujin has been released! It’s the Touhou Arrangement Pack 4, and it includes Gensou no Satellite! This marks the first time this song has appeared in a Taiko iteration outside of the arcade. The DLC is out only in the Japanese version of the game, but it’s expected to be released in a few days in the international version.

Kanzen My Way CD version

….yes, you read correctly. The theme song of Touhou Dungeon Dive is getting a CD release. It’s currently being sold exclusively on Melonbooks and it will be released on January 24. The CD will contain the full version of the song and its instrumental version, no b-sides and other things.

Meanwhile, Cannonball still doesn’t have an OST release and only released its theme song through the digital markets. Same thing for Lost Word, tho I’m expecting a vocal CD once they are done with the MV project (and give us the promised Lost Word Chronicle Ranko ver, thanks).

Website updates

Comp updated the official website yesterday, with the following changes:
– updated News&Top (the news about Paprika leaving and her message were removed, the giant mess of even older news wasn’t cleaned up)
– updated Works (only added Comp’s latest bass playing in the Seiko Matsuuda cover album)
– added a link to the Youtube channel (finally! It was never linked anywhere on the site)

This poor English fansite got an update as well! I’ve updated the giant List of Songs with a new column, detailing appearances of a specific song across different media (games, karaoke services, etc.). The JP version will be updated very soon (I noticed it’s a popular page…)!
I also apologize that there are a lot of broken links in Ranko’s guest songs, but I still haven’t created the pages for them because I need to think about a new layout for song pages…

And that’s all for this week!