One Week BUTAOTOME 217: Houkiboshi and Best are here! Delicate tour merch, etc.

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Wow, we have a new update finally!

Website updates

I got my C101 stuff last week, and I can finally bring you the lyrics and translations for all the new songs! They are all up to each song pages.

I’ve also updated the Fanbox page. It now has an index of the posts I consider interesting (mainly those related to BUTAOTOME’s music and works, so I removed the stuff that is more about the members and the various talks). Since Fanbox doesn’t have any kind of archive/search system, it might be hard to find them in the sea of free posts and Sisters Radios. I’ve also created a full index of every single Fanbox ever!

The next article is the Houkiboshi review, which should be published over the weekend. I’m also working on a special post for Ane’s birthday. It’s a post I had in my drafts since I DUNNO, and only last week I thought about resuming it and splitting it in three parts for each member’s birthday. As a hint, it’s about something all the members (including Paprika) did at least a few times. You’ll see on Wednesday.

Now, to Buta news…


We have a new promotional picture!

The three members also changed their Twitter avatars! And yep, today’s TC Crew pic is inspired by it.

The new merch for the Delicate tour has been revealed!

Two different t-shirts, towel, keychain, pouch! They will be sold at the upcoming lives, but you can also purchase them on BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH! Orders will include a sticker that looks like a live backstage/tour pass. The Year of the Rabbit set is also back in stock!

And speaking of other circles’ t-shirts and co… Ane drew an artwork of Sekkenya members for their upcoming merch!

And that’s all for today!

By the way, if you like simple nonograms/picross and cute cats, check out Meow Tower, that game (and Pokémon Violet feat. a crapload of random shinies found without any sandwich, including a second Iron Bundle and Lechonk) helped me keep my sanity in check during this last weekend without internet. I’m not sponsored!