Retake+’s Afterword Book


If that’s your first time, nice to meet you! And if it’s not, then hello! These days, as the afterword culture is dying out, we don’t see this canned phrase anymore.

Personally, I love afterwords, but CDs are a medium that does not have enough space for them, so we decided to make an afterword book for Comiket 100.

Since the concept is “redundancy is okay”, I hope those who like that feeling will enjoy it.

Ranko no Ane

Let’s talk about song memories

Gensou no Satellite

Ranko: A song that we’ve played to death live! This album is full of those songs, but even so, we’ve probably played this one the most times. No matter if it’s played first or last, GenSate is like a great helpful item. I’m glad we have it.

Comp: I remember I wanted to make the intro fantastical and pompous. As I was mixing it, I thought, “The vocals are like they are hitting you hard” and I personally saw a “Ranko’s song” kind of path. Coupled with Ane’s lyrics, I really like this song.

Ranko no Ane: Here comes chad Ranko! That’s my impression. At first, we didn’t even consider playing it live, and we didn’t realize that we would have to do it so many times. I remember the first time we played it live, my sister was so focused on it that she was full of energy during the intro.

Hakanaki Mono Ningen

Ranko: Since this song is slightly newer than the others, I thought it might have not changed much, but after listening to the end result, I was wrong. We performed it live a lot, so it has a lot of energy. It has a live feel.

Comp: I made this song with the force of a storm. The lyrics were written from Sekibanki’s point of view about karma, like the foolishness of humans who mess around. After re-mixing the song, I thought to myself, “I didn’t know I was playing the guitar like this,” and I felt like I had made a new discovery while playing it myself.

Ranko no Ane: The arrangement, lyrics, and vocals fit perfectly. People have asked me “Why is the cover character not Sekibanki even though this is pretty much the big single of the album?”, and there I realized that I often don’t draw according to the single concept, I decide what to draw based on the CD concept alone.

Panorama Girl

Ranko: This feels much more mature. It’s Panorama Woman now. I think my vocals fit the song’s atmosphere~ and I’m pleased with them. Especially the end part. I have an image of summer being lonely. How melancholic~

Comp: At the time, Yuuka Kazami gave me a strong image, so I decided to make a funky and playful song. It was the first CD we released at Comiket (and it was a summer Comiket), so I was hoping that people would find it somewhat summery~ What do you think?

Ranko no Ane: I like the PV. It came naturally, associating the Japanese summer, summer vacation, sunflowers… and so on. How nostalgic. For some reason, summer always makes me nostalgic. If you’re not athletic, you get tired of waving your hands while jumping in the chorus. Sometimes I do it at home.

Machibito wa Kozu.

Ranko: Another song we’ve played a lot live~ My vocals are closer to recent live performances. I used to ask everyone to sing the part before the final chorus. I loved it so much. I really hope those days will come again.

Comp: I made this song with sadness and raininess in mind. We’ve played this song live quite a bit, so I feel like it’s ingrained in my body. The slap bass part in the middle of the song is surprisingly easy, so I recommend it to those who want to try a chopper (slap).

Ranko no Ane: My memories of trains and stations were developed from the image of how nice they are. I am not very interested in innocent characters, but I like Kogasa, so there are many things I would like to do with her, such as if she was in this kind of background, or if she was actually in this kind of setting.


Ranko: I really wanted to re-record this one for a long time. Back then, I didn’t know what was right or wrong, and I was singing like crazy… I like this one, but of course, there might be people who prefer the old version. But please come to our lives, I will sing my best take there…

Comp: I wrote this song with a kind of madness in mind. The chord progression is a bit twisted. Well, the original theme is strong strong (lol). This was my first Touhou arrangement, so I have fond memories of it.

Ranko no Ane: I remember that we published the PV long before our first album was released, so there was a live performance where we played only Kyoai among the anime song covers. If you compare the sounds, it was indeed quite different.

Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe

Ranko: This song is so bright~ I think it’s a legitimately bright rock song, which is rare for us, but it’s difficult… We’ve played this one live quite a bit, but I still haven’t found the correct interpretation (is there such a thing?). I still want to go on singing to find it. See you at the live house!

Comp: Refreshing & refreshing & refreshing. I think I made this song with the image of the wide sky, including the lyrics. I would be happy if it gave you the feeling of flying around in the sky.

Ranko no Ane: We have played this one many times, but after a few years, my sister suddenly started jumping high to the outro, which increased the amount of exercise. These decisions just keep growing and growing.


Ranko: The lyrics are always good, no matter when I sing them. I remember thinking the lyrics were good when I first recorded it. But I sing them live and fast. I got used to them, and this is the result. That’s amazing.

Comp: The original song was “Shoujo Kisoukyoku ~ Dream Battle”, so I wanted to bring out my own sense of Touhou and Gensoukyou. I did a lot of different arrangements, and I can’t remember how I made the weird reverse sounds in the intro (lol).

Ranko no Ane: Good arrangement, good PV. Murasin, the one who did the PV for Akeboshi Rocket, made the video. I remember recording the banquet scene with the video crew and others. I needed the logo for this project, and since it was an old piece, I contacted him about cutting it out with Illustrator, and he promptly sent it to me. I want to thank him so much.

Kakoinaki Yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage

Ranko: When I first recorded it, I felt like my eyes were opened, this song is so cool! It’s a fun and a little sad song that just keeps running through my head no matter when I sing it. It makes me want to perform it live. My arm spins the towel by itself.

Comp: We often play this song live at the end. I don’t know when it became the “towel-spinning song”. I remember that I wrote this song because I wanted to make people feel the autumn season, as the album that contains this song was released at Kouroumu (faint).

Ranko no Ane: I think this is one of the reasons why people say that BUTAOTOME is Japanese style, since it was put into various rhythm games. People can get used to anything, and I have become very good at spinning towels, throwing, and dropping them where I want them to go.

Comiket Memories


At my first Comiket, I was lost, I didn’t know where to go, and I was writing on the floor when a staff member let me in and said, “You can come in from here~” He was so kind… Maybe it was a staff entrance thing… but I hope they weren’t mad at me.

It was a summer Comiket. I don’t remember if I went alone or with friends. I ended up going home alone, so maybe I got lost and got separated from the rest of the group.

My genre of interest was pop’n music. There were so many people selling so many doujinshi, and as I arrived there safely, I thought it was like a dream world. It was so dazzling.

I changed my pen because it was not good enough and my bad handwriting was even worse. I want to become good at writing. I long for it…

I really can’t draw
:yukkuri reimu drawing:
I tried to draw Marisa as well, but I hated how it turned out.

There were times when I lined up for Comiket from the first train in the morning, and there were times when I went on the first and second days in a row. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. Telling my favorite artists my impression while being excited, seeing an event-limited thing selling out before my eyes, Comiket gave me a lot of joys and sorrows…

BUTAOTOME’s first participation was… C78 (??)
Thankfully, for our first time, we were a Wall Circle, I was so grateful, so grateful, I was like “Myself from 10 years before, are you watching?! Yahoooo!!”
I wasn’t bragging or anything, I was just happy…
Now I get excited just by going to Big Sight.
Comiket is so special, it’s the best, thank god for it, be forever doujin events…

Thank you for everything so far. Keep up the good work, Comiket


The first time BUTAOTOME participated in Comiket as a circle was C78.
I remember being nervous because no matter how much I prepared, I could have forgotten something. It’s been over a decade since then, and not much has changed LOL.
I love the atmosphere of Comiket, filled with everyone’s excitement.
I think that feeling created by the general attendants, the participating circles, and the staff is like a live concert.
I’m very happy to be able to participate in such a celebratory day like C100!!

Ranko no Ane

My first Comiket was in elementary school. It was summer. I was surrounded by large rows of adults, my bag was too small, and I was dying from the lack of water. Be really careful.

Me during Summer Comiket: I was constantly sweating. I don’t remember the bottom half.
Me during Winter Comiket: I had pocket heaters on my belly and back, and a raised sweatshirt under a long skirt.

My first Comiket with BUTAOTOME was in the summer. My sister was cosplaying.
I was not as accustomed to the heat as I am now, and I still don’t remember the second half of the day. I thought it was hard to stay still.

I have had the opportunity to attend many different doujin events, but there are still various people who come only to Comiket.
I don’t talk to many of them, but I remember a lot of them who have been coming to Comiket for several years.
Let’s be in good health.

I hope to participate whenever I can.