One Week BUTAOTOME 210: Moumokuteki Kansoubun video and more…

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Hold up! Stockpile! (sorry, but I’m in love with the new Muse album)

Website updates

I’m currently busy with a long-awaited update to a certain section (and doing back-ups), so I haven’t been focusing on written stuff… Retake+’s afterword book should be translated for next month, but I’m still deciding if I should publish it or not.


First of all, here is the setlist of Sekai no Owari to Hard-Boiled Wonder Live, the live from last week!

  1. Soldi
  2. Sharekoube
  3. Kudaranai Hibi
  4. Yuukeimukei
  5. Furubokko
  6. Saru

You can still watch it here if you have purchased a ticket.

Ranko made another video for an old original song, this time it’s Moumokuteki Kansoubun from Billiards!

Full lyrics and translation are here.

Ranko no Ane made the cover art for a novel by Vita Sexualice (Hifuu novel circle best known for that Gymonopedie story). Title is Jigai suru Mushikago (自害する虫籠, suicidal insect cage), it’s a Hifuu Club x For Elise story, and it’s R-18 (the art itself is safe, but the website has some sudden glitchy effects). It will be released on September 11 at the Hifuu-only event Kagaku Seiki no Cafe Terrace. This will be part of my Hifuu collection (and also the first time I’ll buy physical R-18 media), so I hope it will be available on Melonbooks!

And that’s all for today!