Tiramisu Cowboy’s end-of-winter update

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Every time I learn a word that starts with “comp”, I have this need of making a dumb pun with Comp’s name. So…

We just need your COMPliance.

…okay, let’s move on.

I’m writing this update to publish the results of the translation form!

  1. Shoujo Rengoku
  2. Daifugou / Goku
  3. Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to…
  4. Touhou Kaiten Mokuba / Long Skirt Panorama Girl / Kansha Kangeki Amearare / BUTABEST / Shoujo Rengoku 4
  5. Eight / Shoujo Rengoku 2 / Epitaph / Present

The albums at the bottom got zero votes, but since they are so few, I’ve decided to include them at the very end of the new queue (instead of making yet another form once I’m done with everything)

As for the compilation tracks, I’ll work on them in 3 batches:

  1. Nanikuwanu Tsuki / Te no Naka no Aozora / Oshakairo
  2. Yaburekabure / Munmun Manman / Akai Sora Noboru Shiroi Tsuki
  3. Furei na Fuan ni Miau Juku / Mikadzuki no Itoshigo

Thanks to all the people who voted! This translation journey is gonna end sometime this year… In the meantime, if you wanna read some translated non-lyrics stuff, I would appreciate it if you give a read to Ranko’s articles from Daily Bibibi (recent posts have some manga recommendations), or to this rare Reimu and Marisa fanfiction she wrote in 2014.


Spring is coming, and with it… not a lot of updates in the World of BUTAOTOME. Reitaisai in Niigata is happening this Sunday, all the three members will be there, no new release, they will sell old albums and some HyakuHifuu sets. Touhou Spell Bubble Rhythm Game DLC is out now, it features Machibito wa Kozu. Niconico Choukaigi is coming back at the end of April, and with it, a new Super Touhou Live Stage on the 25th-26th! BUTAOTOME will perform! (I linked to Yuuhei Satellite’s Twitter because the official website is not updated and no Buta member tweeted it so far)

And that’s all for today!