Tiramisu Cowboy’s end of September update

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Uh, hello!
I’m back from a forced, offline holiday. Last Sunday there was the worst thunderstorm I ever experienced, and my modem died. Without it, I was completely unable to access the internet. So, while waiting for a replacement, I decided to do stuff that didn’t require internet. Such as playing Pokémon Shield in the good old way where my only guide was an outdated magazine, or finally starting Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve missed a couple of days of mobile games login. Maybe I missed some important BUTAOTOME news as well? (Spoiler: not anything big)

I wasn’t able to translate stuff because most of my tools and drafts are online-only. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t able to do anything for this website! And now I’m writing this post, to report what happened in the last week and give a reminder.

Kaze ni Noseta Negai has been added to the arcade game ONGEKI today!

Melonbooks will release a giant 99 tracks compilation this autumn, featuring 2021 remasters of old songs. No album title, no exact release date (although it will probably be on Autumn Reitaisai), no crossfade, just the tracklists. It will include Kyouen and Tsumi to Batsu (also Sally’s Mirai Yohou)!

pop’n music peace original soundtrack will be released on December 15, and it will include Button!

Last but not least, there is a live tomorrow! It will be broadcasted live, but you need to purchase a digital ticket in order to watch it. I won’t be able to watch it live (I’ll get my first shot for the COVID vax), but I’ll publish the setlist on TC’s Twitter once I’ll be back. After that, during the afternoon/evening I will probably publish a post, depending on how I’ll feel. Will it be a review? Will it be a translation?

And that’s all for today!