Touhou Otohanabi – special comments

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The booklet of Touhou Otohanabi’s special edition features a series of comments by most of the artists involved in the compilation, talking about their memories and what they like about each mainline Touhou game from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to Unconnected Marketeers (+ an additional section for other works). Here is a translation of the BUTAOTOME comments! Note that they didn’t comment on every game.

Special thanks to Mme Latence for providing me the relevant pages!

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Comp: The energy from my first exposure to Touhou was so powerful that this game is still the strongest for me, both in terms of characters and music. I was first introduced to the beauty of danmaku by Meiling.

Perfect Cherry Blossom
Ranko: I want to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, but when they bloom, I’ll go to heaven… I really like how an extremely sad story was put together without making it seem tragic.
I like Yuyuko and how she makes me imagine what she was like before she died.

Imperishable Night
Ranko: This is the game I’ve played the most in the series, so I have a lot of favorite original songs and characters. I like Mokou, Keine, Old World, and Extended Ash in particular. I also like how the boss of the fourth stage changes depending on whether it’s Reimu or Marisa. The story is also good, centered on the lunarians.
I like Kaguya, she’s so ominous. I like the fact that lunarians are aliens~.

Mountain of Faith
Comp: This work spares no expense in releasing the very important parts of the Touhou series: the existence of gods and youkai, and the necessity of faith.
I was pleasantly surprised that it took 10 works to explore the reason why a shrine maiden as the main character is necessary.

Subterranean Animism
Ranko: I like that the story is rather light-hearted and energetic in contrast to the frightening atmosphere of the Chireiden. Nuclear Fusion is in my top 3 favorite themes. I also like Last Remote… I like Koishi, too.

Undefined Fantastic Object
Ane: If I had to choose the cutest girl, I’d pick Kogasa.
When I think of her, I can draw smiles rather well, so I think she is a “girl who wants to make people smile”.
I think this type of girl is very popular.

Ten Desires
Ane: It’s great to see so many of my favorite types of women in this game.
As for Mamizou, is there any girl whose popularity has risen so much in the middle (from before and after FS)?

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Comp: It’s a traumatic work in many ways, but I think the game itself is a very “scary story” as is the setting.
The characters are all cute, aren’t they?

Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Ane: I just needed to meet Yachie. For a while, my YouTube suggestions were full of otters.

Hifuu Club
Comp: Magical Astronomy is too cool to exist. I love both the concept and the selection of the songs. I remember that when I did an arrangement of Mukougawa no Tsuki, I spent a little too much time trying to figure out how to deal with the goodness of the melody.
[Violet’s note: Comp is referring to Akai Hitomi, track from EXEientei’s 2013 Hifuu horror compilation Hyakuotogo and re-released on Omatome]