One Week BUTAOTOME 190: new live announcement!

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“The fight…”


Surprise live announcement! BUTAOTOME will play at DIAMOND FESTIVAL on October 1st at Tokyo Zepp. It will be a broadcast-only live, and it will require a digital ticket purchase. You can purchase one from outside Japan, and then you’ll be able to watch the festival live or through an archived video that will last until October 4th.

It’s been at least two years since the last Butalive that didn’t have any Touhou tie, so maybe there is hope for some originals to get the spotlight?

By the way, Tokyo Zepp will be closed on January 1st, after 23 years of activity.

Touhou Spell Bubble news

A Diao ye zong-only DLC has been released, it includes Uso to Doukoku.

Website updates

First of all, all the songs from Doubt have been translated! Also, yesterday I got a copy of ONGEKI Memorial Soundtrack Momiji, so lyrics and translation for the vocal version of Rockin’ Pink Monster have been added to its page! With this, I’ve introduced a new change to instrumental songs (and that one PapComp song): they have been moved from the Comp and Paprika’s guest works page to the general guest participations one. I’m also considering splitting the page for Comp and Paprika’s stuff, but the problem is that the cat had very little solo works, and now that instrumentals have been moved, her own page would pretty much consist of two Karento songs.

To avoid burnout, I’ll take a small break from translations, and try to focus on some other stuff I never finished. I wish I could find the inspiration to write a freaking review, tho… now watch how I will go to translate TRASH BOX and Hanafuda after publishing this post.

And that’s all for this week!