“En’s inside story” [Fanbox blog post, 12/09/2021]

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Part of a series of posts where Ane talks about the albums featured in the Ura Best.

Ane here.

I’m writing about the production of our early CDs in connection with the Ura Best.
[Ura Best]

This time I talk about “En”.

We distributed a CD called “En” at Comic Market 79.
It’s C79, guys.
Whoa. Whoaaaaaaaaaa
Here’s an image from the announcement at the time.

Winter Comiket Limited Freebie – Reimu and Sanae strap
If you purchase our new album at C79, you will receive a Reimu & Sanae strap. This is limited to one per person.
We had announced on the circle cut that “there will be an exclusive CD at C79”, but…
Uhm, I wrote it down perfectly, didn’t I?
We couldn’t make the music in time… The extra freebie is just the strap. Sorry about that.

The feeling of the announcement design is already old.
It was the time when everyone was saying “unkonow” on Twitter.

Cover art/Design

In the previous CD, I had the feeling that “drawing the background was too hard so I want to make an image composed of characters and design”.

Now that I mention it, when I saw the line drawings, I remembered that at the time I was still drawing them with a propelling pencil or something…? Scan them… Remove refuses… I was painting with no care.
I remember that the process of removing refuses was very hard for me.
Refuses are… A tiny reflection of dust, a missed line, etc.

Bonds, circles… I also made the artwork below with that image.
I made it into a poster.

And for the title of the songs… We took the first letter and the last letter of each title and made a connected structure.

I didn’t have the habit of publicizing these stories in real time back then… It was something like, if you’ve noticed it, you’ve noticed it. Why don’t you just say it out loud?


So… I was surprised to see that I drew so many characters… Then I recalled that
I was halfway through making a PV for “Kyouen”.
And then, halfway through, my junky PC broke down… Everything went into the void.

And then, at the same time as the CD was being released, I had an amazing person make another video for me.
I’m really glad… I had it made…
Having a video gives the song a chance to have people listen to it, being used in games, etc., and it becomes a compound memory… I’m grateful.

And the last part, the flower view part from the live-action, I haven’t seen in a while… I’ve been chewing on the fact that I’ve been able to check the current status of the people here through the Twitter timeline.

No one disappeared or anything… It’s pretty amazing.
Let’s all just take care of ourselves and live our lives.

Ura Best songs

“Kasho no Yume”
“Yume janai Nanika”
I’ll skip their review.
As for Kasho no Yume, it was published in this book called “Yume no Hanashi“, in which Ranko wrote the stories and I drew the illustrations… a very doujin-like move.

I never heard of a collection of short stories from the circle.
I had to explain it to make the book understandable, so I came up with this explanation… Well, I can’t make it any clearer than that.

I’m writing this as I remember it, but I think I was surprised when I saw Kyouen and Ranko’s movements at the live performance of Kyouen for the first time (that’s how it works…).
I don’t know why I feel this way, because we haven’t done it with any kind of coordination.

Well, I can’t speak for others. I don’t know.

It wasn’t so much of an inside story.
They are just memories.
However, there are a lot of things that we forgot, so let’s talk about these things too.

I’ll write another production story eventually.

Ranko no Ane