One Week BUTAOTOME 189: Bemani news, Spotify update and more

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I finally got a break from translating Fanbox posts no-stop, omg, thank you!!!

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Bemani and friends news

BEMANI’s summer event is reaching its final phase, and an ending theme has been revelead. It’s a remix of the song Ren’ai Kansoku sung by all the singers of the competition! The video features each singer singing from their own studio booth, so there is some rare footage of Ranko recording! In addition, this song will be added to Nostalgia tomorrow.

Meanwhile, songs from the Touhou Ultimate Weapon album have started to appear in the various games! BEAT MAGIC, Eurobeat Union’s Pristine Beat arrangement with Ranko on vocals, was added to SOUND VOLTEX!

The OST for GITADORA NEX+AGE has been released today! It includes Henteko, BUTAOTOME’s commissioned track for this iteraction of the game. Now waiting for lyrics…

Touhou albums on streaming services

The latest batch of albums added to Spotify and other services includes some stuff relevant to this website

First of all, there is the Ura Best. Not a big thing since it’s a best of album without any new music content. Other services have romanized titles and thistimetheyareallwrittenlikethisandtheydidn’teventbothercopypastingthemfromthepreviousreleases.

We also have the Dungeon Dive OST. All the tracks have no loops and fade-out.

And at last, Touhou Otohanabi was added to most streaming services… but it’s Japan-only on Spotify and Amazon Music for unknown reasons. It’s available worldwide on Youtube Music, but subscription-only. It’s still unknown if they did it on purpose or it’s yet another mistake from Touhou Doujin Music Distribution. By the way, as far as I can tell, this is the first time they region-lock an album.

btw, while I was grabbing the Spotify links, I noticed that Shoujo Rengoku is now the featured cover art on BUTAOTOME’s artist page, replacing Furubokko. This is the power of Danmaku Kagura…

Website updates

Omatome is finished, and all the tracks from Engen Kagura Uta are finally translated! Doubt will arrive during the weekend. The next albums will be Hanafuda and either TRASH BOX, Hikari or Arikitari na Nouzui, but they’ll arrive after the Ura Best review.

The Ura Best commentary has been translated and added to its subpage, linked to the main one. Review #soon!

NC provided a new piano sheet, this time for trip of the heart! It’s up on the Media page.

And that’s all for this week!