Ranko no Ane’s Liner Notes

Mamorubeki Mono Lyrics: Comp / Meiji Juunananen no Shanghai Alice / from Touhou Kaiten Mokuba
This is the second song (the first vocal one) in our first Touhou arrange CD. The intro is filled with a sense of anticipation of the beginning, the outro moves away leaving a sense of tension, and now that I think about it, it has the seriousness of the moment of making a start. Even though the topic is loose. You know, we were usually nervous.
But I’m still glad that the topic of our first song was “There are things I must protect”.

The fear is oneself Lyrics: Comp / Shoujo Satori ~ 3rd eye / from Touhou Kaiten Mokuba
A song we’ve played quite a lot live. I think the only songs with a rockish sound in Touhou Kaiten Mokuba are this one and Kyoai? The first track of the album is a Shoujo Satori instrumental called trip of the heart. And this one is “fear is what you are”. Bad end?

Nani mo nai Mori Lyrics: Comp / Ningyou Saiban ~ Hito no Katachi Moteasobishi Shoujo / from Gensou Homo Ludens
“There is a concealed power in solitude. Even things that don’t move start moving at that moment” I feel that this phrase is filled with Comp’s view of Alice. It’s a long, long, hyper-focused song. I guess that’s why it has an atmosphere of neurosis. It’s not empty. It’s okay.

Unmei no Wa Lyrics: Comp / Unmei no Dark Side / from Gensou Homo Ludens
We were running out of time, so Comp created this song in the fastest time ever. We thought that no one would care about this kind of style… but then it became quietly popular, and we learned that the creator’s imagination might not mean much. Personally, I think it’s great. I feel like I’m right there on the water, echoing it. How cute. How pitiful.

Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida Lyrics: Comp / Otenba Koimusume / from Long Skirt Panorama Girl
Pop cute LettyCirno! Mesopota made such an amazing PV that my mental image was rewritten by it. The song has a great music video, but we can’t get it to be used in a rhythm game, and I’ll leave it to your imagination why. I’ve had people say, “How unfortunate”. Imagine that!

Jigoku Kakurenbo Lyrics: Ranko no Ane / Ryokugan no Jealousy / from Long Skirt Panorama Girl
It’s a rare song where I really like the lyrics I wrote. As long as your heart is in the hell of jealousy, you will try to escape, but you will be chased by your own heart, and you will be in an eternal game of cat and mouse. The strong action of cutting the little finger in a vow between a man and a woman is something that prostitutes used to do. It is said to be performed with a blade and an iron kettle.

Aware na Minashigo Lyrics: Ranko no Ane / Yakujinsama no Toorimichi ~ Dark Road / from Tasogare Elegy
I put the wrong kanji in the title on the CD, and I’m not sure which one is the correct one anymore. Sorry about that. As I was drawing Hina on the cover art of Riverside Parade, with the image of “The Red Shoes” fairy tale, I realized that I wanted her to be less like a god and more like an obsessive, greedy, and in love character.

Bero bero be Lyrics: Comp / Tsuki made Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri / from Tasogare Elegy
A song that grows over time and that is still impossible to analyze. Is there a word for it? It gives the feel of the bamboo forest, and it’s a song with ill-tempered contents that fits as the ending of Tasogare Elegy. I can’t explain it in words, though.

Kasho no Yume Lyrics: Ranko / Bucureşti no Ningyoushi / from En
The guitar intro flickering like a patrol lamp is impressive. It has the same name as a completely unrelated original theme… We would avoid it now, but… our vocabulary was completely lacking. As some of you may have learned from “Yume no Hanashi”, the recently released collection of short stories by Ranko, it’s a song from a doll’s viewpoint.

Yume janai Nanika Lyrics: Ranko / Hoshi no Utsuwa ~ Casket of Star / from En
The pinnacle of cuteness. It’s a song of a woman who flies around while holding out sugar candies, crammed with her “heart”. Therefore, it’s a song where fear and sincerity exist without contradiction, and “more, more, surely, seriously, always, firmly, I’m standing here”. It’s cute, isn’t it? Do you really need that many words to say “I’m standing here”? “Flying” is the word that I would like to say as the only solution in the Touhou world. Is that too much praise?

Chigirizake Lyrics: Comp / Hana no Sakadzuki Ooeyama / from Kansha Kangeki Amearare
“The oni is inside of you” may be a theme that BUTAOTOME has used many times throughout the Touhou works. An important vow… I think it’s very mature for someone who is saying it to say, “With my eyes closed…” at the end, and Yuugi is personally fine with that. In the way she went from “gently” to “surely”, Yuugi didn’t lose her composure. And the instrumental is also frolic and stylish!

Yoi Kage Lyrics: Comp / Heian no Alien / from Oriental Yumekikou
I really like this song. It’s unidentified, you are not sure what it is, but it scares you from mid-air. Truly the Heian terror rock. But again, the lyrics give nuance of “Fear is you”, don’t they? I think the timing of the silence also follows the material of people’s anxiety. And then it goes pyun! It’s a song that makes you want to headbang, but when you want to destroy your autonomic nervous system, that’s when you’re in a disturbing state.

Niji no Holograph Lyrics: Comp / Shanghai Kouchakan ~ Chinese Tea / from Oriental Yumekikou
It’s Meiling, isn’t it? I love Meiling. I think it’s romantic to have a little distance between people. It doesn’t mean that you have to get physically closer. I like MeiFla. Can I ask why a rainbow dragon doesn’t appear in Unconnected Marketeers? A rainbow is a moment in time, we should cherish it more…

Ikiru Lyrics: Comp / Yoru no Denderano wo Iku / from Engen Kagura Uta
I’m wondering how we ended up playing so many weird songs in our live performances, I think this one is kind of strange~ I mean, I like it personally, but… I don’t think my vision of the Dendera fields would be this cheerful. The beings that are saying wowwow, they could all be dead. I’m glad you’re all doing well. Let’s cheer up.

Revoleader Align Lyrics: Ranko / Magus Night / from Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to tama ni Yuukan na Watashi no nandaka Sawaideru tte Hanashi.
What’s this title? I’ve been asked that a lot, but I’m sorry, I forgot. It’s probably made-up.
Perhaps it’s libe or leader Align. Something like “Liberalism or Leader Align”…?

Futatsume no Kokyou Lyrics: Comp / Warabe Matsuri ~ Innocent Treasures / from Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to tama ni Yuukan na Watashi no nandaka Sawaideru tte Hanashi.
This is our first vocal song arranged by Paprika. It’s a song full of memories. It’s the hidden track of “Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to tama ni Yuukan na Watashi no nan da ka Sawaideru tte Hanashi.”. We made it at the time of ZUN’s marriage, but we were too embarrassed to say it out in the open… so we hid it. And Mendelssohn’s wedding march was included.

Repeating, repeating, even in a dream within a dream, I’ll inflate balloons and fly them to the fantasy sky

Good, why don’t we just fly up, and up? Well, I’m struggling to avoid it, but…
It’s because “to fly” is a great dream of the mankind.