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An update about the ContentID claims on Touhou Music

I originally wanted to wait until tomorrow’s weekly recap for talking about this, but since there are a huge shitstorm and spread of misinformation, I decided to write this update. Since a couple of weeks, a company called Rightsscale, Inc. has been sending copyright claims to various videos with Touhou music (official and fanmade). They are doing this on behalf… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 143: let’s not talk about titles.

No seriously. Let’s not talk about them. I have the introduction of a new series ready to be published, but I’m only missing a cool sounding title. Anyway, not a lot of news today… I already wrote most of the stuff in this update, so go read it! Comp was at Reitaisai’s livestream last weekend. He talked about the new… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 136: Comiket 98’s cancellation, new albums on digital stores, etc.

Today is April Fools. This year I didn’t have any particular idea (tho I was considering to repurpose last year’s joke), you are safe! (no, seriously, I swear on Chibi Ranko)I’m quite busy with various stuff, including making album covers on Animal Crossing and updating my list of circles on Touhou Doujin Music Distribution. And this week I should get… Read more »

One week BUTAOTOME 117: Youtube contentID for Touhou songs, etc.

I was busy playing Luigi’s Mansion, sorry! A poor week of news. The White live setlist is here, Comp was at yesterday’s Touhou no Uta streaming, the Youtube channel is almost done with uploading all the Jump Otome songs. Saturday is Uta Matsuri at Shinjuku RenY, while the fanclub ticket presales for December’s talk event start on Sunday! Youtube ContentID… Read more »

One Week BUTAOTOME 111: new albums on digital markets, Touhou mobile games and more!

New albums on the digital marketsA new batch of Touhou albums has arrived on iTunes, Google Play and BOOTH! This also includes BUTAOTOME’s Reitaisai 16 releases (Epitaph, Riverside Parade and Finger 21) and Comiket 96 ones (Goku, Touhou Nekokenban 18 and Present)! All the links have been gathered on each album’s page. If you are planning to buy some digital… Read more »

Touhou Lost Word theme song, more songs coming to iTunes and Google Play, album badges series vol.3

Wewh! Three big announcements in a single shot, what’s happening?! First of all, we have something more substantial from Touhou Lost Word (mobile RPG by Good Smile Company and Next Ninja) that is not “static character reveal with BGM from a random album”. The theme song is “Lost Word Chronicle” (ロストワードクロニカル), an arrangement of Imperishable Night’s Last Word theme. Comp… Read more »