One Week BUTAOTOME 167: what about Air Comiket 2? And more…

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“A new friend joined us!”

I know, it’s Sunday. My original plan was to wait until BUTAOTOME would have announced their Air Comiket 2 plans. However, the 3 members act on Twitter as if there is no event (Air Comiket is not a “real” event, so I don’t really blame them), so I said “fuck it”, and decided to write this post now. If the Pig will ever do anything by this point, it will be just some goods, and I will write a separate post. By the way, Ranko recorded something on Christmas’ Eve!


In case you missed, you can rewatch it here! It went fine, except for some technical issues before the BUTAOTOME part. Setlist:

  1. Gensou no Satellite
  2. Hakanaki Mono Ningen
  3. Soldi
  4. Yumehanabi (live debut)
  5. Kyouen
  6. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage

Bonus: Comp played bass on Burning Rangers, sung by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi

Of course, the setlist focused on songs playable on maimai. It’s a shame they didn’t use this opportunity to play some less common songs like Minna no (Chibi Ranko is still sad for this) or Inzen, but I’m still extremely happy for Yumehanabi, and I’ve screamed in the vocal chat (even though it was mandatory because it’s in the giant OST they are making a release party for). Now, can we please have Yumehanabi in the Arcaea x maimai collab?

Touhou Music on streaming!

Touhou Doujin Music Distribution has released some new Touhou albums on digital markets. If you were waiting for BUTAOTOME’s 2020 albums, then it’s finally your chance, and they are available on iTunes and BOOTH! (as I was grabbing the link, I noticed that the major albums have been finally grouped together with the Touhou stuff, this is great news!!)

And that’s not all!! For the first time ever, Touhou music is available on streaming. If you have a subscription on Apple Music or Youtube Music, you can listen to the almost entire BUTAOTOME library! While Youtube Music is technically free, Touhou songs are locked behind the premium subscription.

In the newest episode of “the international titles on iTunes and co. suck”, we discover that 六分の一 is actually “Rokubun no Ichi”. It’s not a mistake, since Roppun actually means “6 minutes”, while the song is “one-sixth”. The title has been corrected on every page of the website. (also, アイ is “I”, but I will leave the title as “Ai” because it doesn’t really make sense in the context of the song, Ranko didn’t comment on the lyrics and this is not a Koishi song). Also, Ane decided to translate the titles of Nekokenban 20 because why not, and while some translations are actually pretty good, a couple of them are… a bit awkward.

Touhou Lost Word livestream

Our favorite perfumed* gacha will have its first official streamo tomorrow! It will be broadcast on Youtube and Periscope (no direct link for that, it will be on Twitter). Comp will be there as the music producer.

By the way, judging from their activity on Twitter, I think the global version will be released very very soon…

*in case you are wondering why I’m defining it as “perfumed”… well, Touhou Lost Word perfumes are a real thing. This became my new source of mockery towards that game.

Other news

GITADORA got its PC port! It requires a KONAMI ID, an e-amusement pass, and (probably) a PC with some high requirements (certainly not a crappy laptop that can barely run Groove Toaster for Steam) to be played.
But Tanpopo is among the playable songs, yay!

Comp played bass on a couple of songs in a Seiko Matsuda tribute album: Cherry Blossom (チェリーブロッサム) and Hitomi wa Diamond/Diamond Eyes (瞳はダイアモンド). The first track is sung by Makoto Furukawa, while the second one by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Both songs are arranged by Araken. Memo: if Araken composes/arranges a song, there are high chances Comp played bass on it.

A new Spell Bubble DLC has been released, and this time it features Sign, a song from Touhou Peace. Despite being just a Tamaonsen song with Ranko on vocals, Taito decided to slap BUTAOTOME’s (old) logo on it. Because you know, every song with Ranko singing is BUTAOTOME.

Website stuff

I’m done with retranslating all the album commentary posts that have been posted in the old BUTAOTOME Fanclub (it’s still online, wtf). I’ve added a small list on the Fanbox page. I might (re)translate a couple of other posts before the end of the year! And I’ve also finally updated the Live page. Its subpages are getting some updates!

And that’s all for this week. I won’t publish a recap on Wednesday. Thursday will have the end of the year post. The weekly recap will come back next year, on its usual Wednesday!