End of 2020

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Today is the last day of 2020. A weird year. Ruined by a virus. But a lot happened. And in this article, I will just talk about the BUTAOTOME content.

I honestly liked 2020 much more than 2019. Yes, I know I prefer a year with no lives and a member leaving over the year of the 10th anniversary (which was disappointing anyway). It’s mainly because this year had a lot of stuff I enjoyed more and weren’t overshadowed by the bad things.

We only got three albums (two vocals and one instrumental), but man, I loved them and they were very important for me. Ese Souretsu Shinan was the “rebirth” album I needed after the dark age of 2019. Shoujo Rengoku 5 is one of the better entries in the series, and it solidified Wily Beast and Weakest Creature as one of my favorite Touhou games and formed a “trilogy” with Ese Souretsu Shinan and Goku. Touhou Nekokenban 20 is a fittingly final chapter of the series and in my top 5 of the Nekokenbans. I also cherish Yume no Hanashi and the double translation I did for it.

Even most of the extra stuff was great! We got some amazing Cannonball tracks that I hope will become available in a more legal way now that the game is dead, and Muon no Bi was much better than your average BUTAOTOME compilation contribution! Also, original tracks are always welcomed here, whether they are for a rhythm game or other stuff. Samui Uwasa was pretty much a birthday present for me, and the most fitting track as the possible “final original with Paprika” (I treat Barberia Tango and possibly Hopitasukopira as a “bonus round”), and Hopitasukopira is simply great and I’m still waiting for a decent quality version (OST in 2025, full version in 20never). Last but not least, we also discovered Comp’s early commercial stuff, which gave me a whole new appreciation for my favorite composer.

Of course, this year didn’t have entirely amazing content. There was some stuff I didn’t enjoy (I’m looking at you, 2hu Lost Word). And Paprika leaving is still a big loss and I’ll miss her, but I greatly respect her wishes to move forward.

Now, my BUTAOTOME goals for 2021!
– keep the website updated!
– bring you more translations and articles (reviews will come back!!)
– finish some stuff left undone
– resume that Youtube channel
– finish a Buta-themed AC Island
– solve my problems so I can go to Japan and finally meet them
– and more?

I have no other things to say. I hope 2021 will be a wonderful year. See you there!