One Week BUTAOTOME 168: first post of 2021!

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First of all, the most important news of the week: no Yumehanabi in the upcoming maimai x Arcaea collab, sacrificing VIVITs didn’t work. Also, no Air Comiket 2 things. According to the exchange diary of the sisters (accessible to any paying subscriber of the Fanbox), Ane decided to take it easy and ended up doing nothing.

A sweet miracle

Touhou Lost Word news

Our favorite gacha with a good smell has announced several things in their livestream from last week. One of these is the start of a new MV project. To ride on Lost Word Chronicle’s popularity, the management decided to have more vocal songs made by popular Touhou circles sung by big vocalists who have nothing to do with Touhou. The first one is Yubisaki no Netsu, a Septet for a Dead Princess arrangement by Yuuhei Satellite with Eiko Shimamiya on vocals. How is this related to BUTAOTOME? Comp is the music producer, so his name will be slapped on the credits for every song, even though he is not directly involved in the making process (he is probably in charge of deciding which circles will get which cool singer).

I won’t hide that I and other people on TC’s server are quite disappointed by this. We knew Comp did something with Eiko Shimamiya back in November (he went to Hokkaido, where she lives, and retweeted a couple of things from her), and we imagined that he composed/arranged/played bass on a song for her and that it was for something non-Touhou, perhaps for the new Higurashi anime. Pretty much the exact opposite of what it actually was.
And on top of that, the song is just a generic Septet arrangement, and it doesn’t make the best use of Eiko’s vocals.

More songs are already in production, and if Comp’s Twitter activity is still a reliable source, then a certain Japanese-American singer will be involved…

By the way, the global version of the game will be released in Spring.

Website updates

The old BUTAOTOME Fanclub finally went offline. If you try to access, you only get a blank page.
But I managed to save everything! I’m planning to translate more blog posts in the future, with priority on music-related content (not gonna translate every post, especially if they are of the “how Ranko spent her day” type).
Regarding the old photos and videos… I think The Pig could re-release them through their FANBOX, so I won’t do anything for now.

The last thing for this post is that I will publish a newly translated magazine interview on Friday! But as an appetizer, I retranslated the Trauma Recorder review from the same magazine (different issue, tho)!

And that’s all for this week!