The liveshows are one of the biggest aspects of BUTAOTOME. Ever since the circle’s creation, they have started to do live performances at clubs and very minor musical events. With the release of their first albums, they participated in Touhou-related live events.

Some live footages from 2010 are watchable on a secret video in the Higashi no Kuni DVD. Here you can also watch a very short segment taken from the NEO GIRLS FESTIVAL TOgether P-WEST live digest (the full video is available on Youtube, but is blocked in some countries).

In this section, you’ll find information and setlists about BUTAOTOME’s most important liveshows since 2011 (mainly the lives where there is just the band performing with no other acts, “one-man-shows” as they are called in Japanese), and special mentions for certain two/three man shows and stuff with existing footages. You can check a quick list of every past liveshow here.


Other: Flowering Night 2011 (available on Youtube and also on the Flowering Night Official Live DVD, though the latter doesn’t have the entire show)


Other: Various two/three-man shows with many circles: BUTA IN THE Pocket (with GET IN THE RING, Honeypocket), ButaTama (with Tamaonsen), ButaSaiban (with Judgement), Otome A (with A-One).


Other: Yuuhei Gakusai ~Natsu no Utage~, available on Youtube.




Other: Touhou ABC was a three-man-show tour with A-One and Cool&Create, including 9 dates from the end of January until October. Also, Bemani Rock Fes’ footage was released on Blu-ray. And Gensou no Satellite from the Uta Matsuri live was uploaded on Youtube.


Other: Touhou Freaks vol.1.


Other: Solid from the Uta Matsuri live.


Other: Touhou Freaks vol.2. Hakanaki Mono Ningen from the Uta Matsuri live.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there have been exactly two lives, and both of them were broadcasted live on Youtube: Flowering Night and Maimai Complete Collection Release Party.


The Coronavirus pandemic continued, and there have been three lives so far: Super Touhou Live Stage 2021, Touhou Danmaku Matsuri, DIAMOND FESTIVAL -2021 AUTUMN- and Touhou Spell Bubble Festival.



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