Opened in June 2017, BUTAOTOME’s official mobile site (or fanclub, or fansite though I avoid calling it in this way because there can be only one Butafansite!!!11111) aims to offer interesting contents to more hardcore fans.

It is a mobile only website, so you can only access most of the content using a mobile device (or spoofing one in your PC browser). In order to see its cool features, you need to make an account: you need to register using a Japanese telephone number or your email address and credit card. You will also need to provide a credit card for the 378 yen (about 3 euro) monthly fee. Here is a small guide about how to register with mail and credit card, after you click on the “Member Registration” button: 1 | 2

Once you have your account, you can access some cool exclusive content!
Member’s Card
Here you can request your member card. It requires both some of your personal information and a Japanese address in order to participate in the lotteries and ticket presales. It’s not necessary for the other functions of the fansite, though, as long as you pay the monthly fee.
You can find live pictures here.
Here there are videos, ranging from live footages to random stuff.
Blog posts written by each one of the four BUTAOTOME members. They talk about how their days are going and share things.
Here you can send a support message to BUTAOTOME members! You can tell them how much you loved their newest album, or how their last live was fun.
Here you can join the lotteries and win some BUTAOTOME memorabilia. The member card is required.

Tiramisu Cowboy doesn’t repost any photo, video or blog post from the fanclub. It would make them available even for people not really interested on BUTAOTOME, ruining the whole purpose of the fanclub. The sole exception are translations of blog posts related to the music (for example: Ranko talking about the lyrics she wrote for the newest album).