“Epitaph and Riverside Parade stuff” (fanclub blog post – 14/05/2019)

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Post revised on December 12, 2020.

Yesterday I got my Reitaisai 16 albums! I was supposed to start transcribing the Epitaph tracks, but Ranko decided to post her commentary about all the tracks from both the vocal albums, so here is the translation!

Hello, Ranko here.
Thank you for Golden Week and Reitaisai~~~!

As usual (?), I’ll talk about the new albums.
Since I am not involved in the song making, I will write a lot about my impressions about the songs, so please forgive me. The rest is mainly lyrics talk.

Epitaph. Epiepitaffio.
It’s like an epigraph or an inscription.
Regarding Perfect Cherry Blossom, I like Yuyuko and it’s fun to think about her in-depth, so I was happy to have this opportunity again.
I sang the songs in this order: 2-3-4→8-6-5→1-7.

1. Ego
I wrote the lyrics.
I like YuyuYuka, but I wonder what it means that Yukari knew Yuyuko before her death.
I wrote it thinking that maybe she knew how she died, or was around her when she died.
The doujinshi “Sakura Twilight” by Takatora and Nozomi is the YuyuYuka bible, I read it so many times. It’s the best doujinshi.
Also, on a personal note, a friend of mine passed away when I was writing these lyrics. So it’s a bit egotistical of me to put that in the song, but Comp gave me the perfect title.

2. Ichigon Houon
I wrote the lyrics.
I’ve written so many lyrics, but this was the first time I wrote about Ran. So it was fun.
The lyrics are about how Ran likes Yukari and wants to be on her side, even if her feelings are made as a formula.
I like the song because it’s refreshing and light.

3. Momoiro Five-star
This song sounds like an anime opening, doesn’t it? It’s cool~.
I’m happy to be able to sing it powerfully, yet refreshingly. I want to do it live.
It’s unusual to have harmonies other than in the refrain.
“Don’t run away from spring”, I like those lyrics.

4. Kiriri
I wrote the lyrics. This grill wrote about YuyuYuka again…
This one is from Yuyuko’s viewpoint.
I’m of the faction that Yuyuko knows she is buried under the Saigyou Ayakashi, but I wrote the lyrics under the common opinion that she doesn’t have any memory of her lifetime. But she might realize it in the end. After all, ideas do stick out…
I’m very happy that Comp said the lyrics were good!!

5. Taresagaru Kokoro
This was arranged and written by Paprika, and it was so difficult!! LOL
So I practiced like crazy, and I was relieved to find that it was easier to sing than I thought it would be on the recording.
But I thought it didn’t feel right, so I recorded the chorus with the clicks (the sound you make to get the rhythm when recording) turned off.
My voice singing in falsetto in the first verses has been overlayed. I like it because of its mysteriousness.
This song is rather popular, and I’m glad to hear that people like it.

6. Neko to Shakushi
It feels fast!
The key is quite high, but I’m satisfied I was able to sing it with the right weight and deepness in my voice.
The piano is surprisingly cool~. I like the pre-chorus etc.
I also like the brighter chorus and the unusual modulation at the end.

7. Shiroi Asa
Paprika wrote the lyrics, and I was impressed when she told me “I have always been thinking about Yukari” back when we were practicing for Buta Lounge. I thought they were good lyrics. We have similar interpretations of Yukari and YuyuYuka. I’m happy.
This was probably the fastest recording. I feel I’ve sung this only twice. I was able to get the emotion just right.

8. Haru no Yuki
This is my favorite song in the album. I liked it before singing it, but I liked it even more when I sang it.
I was told that I could use falsetto for the highest part~, but I was able to do it when I tried it because I sang with a mixture of falsetto and actual notes.
The lyrics are pretty, I like them.

Continuing with Riverside Parade

This is a collection of songs from Melonbooks’ compilations, and since the tracks are kinda old it’s quite nostalgic…
I’ll write about them as much as I can remember.

1. Yokubou no Kodzuchi
I remember that when I listened to it the first time, I thought “That’s unusual!”. It’s for the “Hey!”. They are cheerful.
If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the demon-like piano. I also like the vocals that go in unison with the synth in the pre-chorus.

2. Akuryou no Mita Akumu
I wrote the lyrics, this is a song under the viewpoint of PC-98’s Mima, singing about the current Marisa.
I wrote them with the interpretation that the current Marisa of today probably doesn’t know Mima, but now that I look back to them they are sad lyrics…

3. Riverside Parade
This one! I loved it, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to re-release it so more people can hear it.
It’s rare that I can remember the recording process, but the part of “domburako” is so peculiar~~~ LOL
I mean, the whole first verses are so weird, but I can express myself the way I want to now! I thought.
I like the song, the lyrics, and the background sounds. It’s my recommended song from this album.

4. Akaku Yurameku Tsukiyo wa Nagaku
I think this one too is an unusual song for us, it’s a straightforward Septette arrangement.
When I relistened to it, I thought my voice was beautiful and quite good.

5. Iyaiya
I wrote the lyrics. Now that I listen to it, I’ve used some unusual words.
Compilation songs are fun because I can challenge myself and play with more things than usual.
I think the original Poison Body is a difficult song, but this song is cool, easy to sing, with a mysterious feel on it, and very good. That’s what I thought.

6. Mou Nidoto Uragiranai
I thought the intro was catchy… then it became a song with an amazing, devilish piano in the verses.
I wrote the lyrics, but sometimes it’s hard to believe in something without any doubts. But the act of believing itself gives you strength. It’s like that. There are times when it’s harder not to get angry. That’s what the lyrics are about.

7. Tanoshii Sensou no Uta
I wrote the lyrics. It was the first time I thought about Great Fairy Wars and the Three Fairies.
I thought the fairies would be belligerent and have fun while fighting, so I wrote these lyrics. Now I listen to it now, I laugh because it’s so straightforward. “Just die already!”

8. Nanikashira
I wrote the lyrics. It was a fun song, so I wrote fun lyrics.
It has a feeling similar to the original song Yumezakura.
Going to a concert, taking whatever you like at home, and then coming back to have fun again, it’s that straightforward thing.
I get a lot of feedback that people like it. I’m grateful for that.

Please read this while listening.
If you still didn’t listen to them, hurry up and do so!
Also, check out Zyukucho and Paprika’s CD.

I know this was a long post, but thanks for reading!

Looking forward to the Reiwa era~~~!!
See you ⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝