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[OLD] BUTAOTOME Reitaisai 16 review

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And here we are, with the usual review corner! We have 3 new albums and two guest tracks, let’s take a look on all of them! Epitaph BUTAOTOME’s main release for this Reitaisai is yet another album based on a single Touhou game, and with a title that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Sally release. This time there… Read more »

“Epitaph and Riverside Parade stuff” (fanclub blog post – 14/05/2019)

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Post revised on December 12, 2020. Yesterday I got my Reitaisai 16 albums! I was supposed to start transcribing the Epitaph tracks, but Ranko decided to post her commentary about all the tracks from both the vocal albums, so here is the translation! Hello, Ranko here.Thank you for Golden Week and Reitaisai~~~! As usual (?), I’ll talk about the new… Read more »