One Week BUTAOTOME 93: post-Reitaisai update

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“I should finish Ocarina of Time…” (don’t mind the broken stick and dying battery)

Reitaisai 16 went fine, my copies of the new albums are on their way to Italy!

There was no ButaNama today, but for those who want some livestream time, Comp will be a guest on the Touhou Station streaming on Friday!

Music Game Corner
As previously announced, Hikkyou Joubutsu was playable in Groove Coaster arcades at Reitaisai, allowing players to try it out before the official release. Chart difficulties were 3, 7 and 12, with no extra chart. Surprisingly, it was the hardest song among the four upcoming Touhou 16 arrangements, which were all without extra and ranged from 9 to 10. It’s unknown if extra charts are planned. Hikkyou Joubutsu official arcade debut is on May 22!

Other Touhou songs are coming in other rhythm games, but sadly no BUTAOTOME.

Touhou Cannonball
There was a corner on Reitaisai dedicated to Touhou Cannonball, the upcoming mobile game published by Aniplex and Quatro A. They revealed the BGMs in the game, composed by many Touhou fan music composers. Comp and Paprika contributed as well! There is a new arrangement of Aun’s theme, named 静寂の火花 (Seijaku no Hibana, “silent sparks”). In addition, our polar bear played bass for the theme song of the game! You can watch a 30 second teaser here (Touhou Cannonball’s official Youtube videos are blocked outside Japan)!

Black ticket sales
Tickets for the second celebrative live of the 10th anniversary will start to be sold on Saturday at 10:00 JST, on Lawson Ticket! I can’t help about how to purchase from Japanese ticket sellers (my boyfriend always asks a person in Japan), but just be sure you have a Japan trip planned for the time of the live!