“Thank you for Summer Comiket ヽ(*´∀`)ノ” (fanclub blog post – 12/08/2019)

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Post revised on December 16, 2020. This post has been retranslated. I’ve also included the parts of the original post that were not relevant to the Goku and Present commentaries.

Good evening! Ranko here!
Thank you for Summer Comiket~~~~!!!!!!
The four days length was amazing! I’m still surprised. The staff and participants were all amazing!
And the South Hall was the most comfortable!
I want to be there all the time…!
Of course, I have a lot of feelings for the East Exhibition Hall, but I can’t turn my back on it, because my health comes first!
I want to be in the South Hall all the time! [2]

I’m going to talk about our new summer releases.


1. Yomi no Kaze
It’s easy to sing! It’s a pretty much typical song from us, but I like the melody of the refrain. The piano in the refrain that goes down is cool, too. I was happy to be able to sing without any problems. I wanna do it live.

2. Muryoku na Uta
Paprika gets embarrassed when I compliment her on her lyrics LOL
But I like them and they fit my interpretation~ Listening to the voice of the night, waiting for the morning while picking at the stars, these are expressions I really like.
But it was difficult! LOL

3. Odore
I wrote the lyrics for this one. I’ve never written lyrics for Tewi before, and this is the first time I’ve properly delved into her with interest on my own, but I’ve come to like her. She seems to be aloof, but I guess she had a lot going on behind that. But maybe it’s the same for all the Touhou characters LOL
I just like the song~! The piano is very cool, too! I wish we could play it live.

4. Odabutsu
I wrote the lyrics for this one too. I rarely do that, but I changed about half of the lyrics I originally wrote. I didn’t have time… LOL
I don’t know if you can tell, but I sang really fast!~! LOL
I did my best and was able to write a lot of what I wanted to say, so I’m satisfied.
The key of the chorus is rather high, but I was able to sing it quickly, so I’m happy with that too.

5. Chigirizake (Goku Ver.)
How nostalgic~! The original version is on Kansha Kangeki Amearare. We used to play it live during our early days. The BPM is a little faster than the original. If you like, you can compare it with the original version ヽ(*´∀`)ノ
I’ve liked its lyrics since then!

Doesn’t this one feel really good? It’s danceable~ lightly~ floaty~. I had a lot of fun recording it. And then I like the piano solo in the outro, it’s soooooooooo freaaaaaaaaaaaaaking cool.
Ah, the lyrics are on the special website!

7. Futari ni totte Taisetsu na Mono
Uaaaaargh~~~ This one was difficuuuuult~~~ LOL
It was the hardest song of the album! I would say it was the hardest Paprika arranged song ever! I want everyone to try singing it! LOL
I like the song, so I tried my best to make it as good as possible… I’ll try harder…

8. Yoake Koe
So nright! Especially during the chorus, it feels like I’m running under the daybreak sky with a mix of orange and azure.
The second verse was complicated and difficult…
I can really imagine everybody singing the “kaa na! kaa na!” at the end~ ⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝


1. Shiawase
This one was from 2014′ Spring Reitaisai!
It’s cool and I love the lyrics. It’s really fun to sing. It’s also a great live song. I was very happy we played it at the Black live after a long time! I wanna do it again.
This song is casually featured in the Jump Otome DVD, so please watch it if you like it~ ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

2. Kegarenaki Hakusen
This one was from 2015’s Summer Comiket.
Necro-Fantasia is truly a godlike song, there are a lot of arrangements and we made a lot of them, but I like this one because it’s so rhythmical and cool. Especially the piano in the refrain is amazing, it stands out… and then the verses in the 2nd half are also cool…
And now that I listen to it, the singing is good.

3. Shi ni Tagari
From the Jump Otome CD.
I wrote the lyrics for this one.
I’m somehow looking at Yuyuko in a different way… LOL
When I wrote the lyrics for Epitaph this year, I was thinking about Yuyuko, and then I looked back at these lyrics, and I almost misinterpreted them… LOL
Nah, I think this kind of thing is possible too! I don’t know! I’m both embarrassed and frustrated to know what I was thinking at the time!
But I love the song even now that I’m listening to it!

4. Shuushin
From the Kashiramoji CD.
It’s a very mysterious song~. I have no idea what kind of chord progression is in the interlude…
And I’m singing in a strong way that’s somehow peculiar… This is interesting… LOL

5. Kotowari
From the Jump Otome CD.
I like the digital effects. And the singing is good.
I mean, Septette is really the best~

6. Futari dake no Sekai
This one was from 2014’s Summer Comiket.
I’m fairly sure we played it once at the Yuuhei Gakusai right after that.
I wrote the lyrics, no matter how you look at them, they are ReiMari.
I want to write and read as many of these doujinshi as I can. My singing is good because I conveyed my feelings.

7. Gensou wo Shinjite
From the Jump Otome CD.
It’s also on the DVD.
I remember at the time, I was not very good at this kind of calm music and I hated it…
Now that I listen to it, it doesn’t sound so calm or anything.
I think I had an ideal tone for this song, and I was frustrated at the time because I couldn’t get close to it at all.
I like the lyrics, they are gentle~ I hope I’m worthy of singing this after five years~

8. Black Sunflower
This one LMFAO I feel like this is the first time I see the lyrics TROLOLOL but I’m pretty sure I saw them when I recorded it :shion_laugh:
I laughed when I saw the lyrics sheet.
I mean, it’s been 9 years since we did this song.
I think we talked about how 8cm singles can’t be put on a Mac!
We played it at Black. I hope you enjoyed it ⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝
[Violet’s note: the C78 omake, where Black Sunflower was first released, was an 8cm minidisc, which is smaller than your typical CD]

And these were my personal impressions.
Everybody, try to read while listeningヽ(*´∀`)ノ

I’m going to post some pictures of my summer fun.

Here I went to the Rock in Japan festival with Taruhoi

Here I had shaved ice in Kamakura.

Here is some delicious meat I ate

Here I wore a yukata and had fun in Kyoto

Well, from here on out, we’ll have a concert every week!
We are going to Shanghai, have a two-man show with Unlucky Morpheus, and a two-man show with Sekkenya. It’s gonna be a very hot summer!
In between, I want to do something summery. To be more specific, I want to wear a yukata again and watch fireworks.
So, if you can meet me somewhere, please do so! Let’s make it a scorching summer!

Ranko signing off ⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝