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BUTAOTOME’s Comiket 96 (+ some future stuff) review

Ooooh, welcome back to the review corner! It took more than a month, but I can finally talk about the latest creative input from BUTAOTOME! Please make yourself comfortable because we have lots of bacon here! The past week has been filled with exciting BUTAOTOME stuff that I still can’t believe. Before that week, I was complaining (mostly on the… Read more »

Ranko’s blog post [12/08/2019]

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The C96 releases are out and Ranko already posted her track-by-track commentary about the vocal albums! Here is a translation! I’m surprised by how I managed to translate it faster than my usual times, but I still want to thank Robin for the help with a couple of sentences!This might be revised once I get my copies. Please, don’t repost this… Read more »

Song of the week: Shiawase

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From the livestream of 15th October 2014. Well, time for some rare stuff! Title: しあわせ Romaji: Shiawase Translation: Happiness Original theme: Shoujo Kisoukyoku ~ Dream Battle 横切った一つの流れ星 残像が記憶を駆ける 騒がしい思い出積み重ね やっぱりこれだと悟る yokogitta hitotsu no nagareboshi zanzou ga kioku wo kakeru sawagashii omoide tsumikasane yappari kore da to satoru 散らす火花集めて デカイ花火打ち上げてみたら chirasu hibana atsumete dekai hanabi uchiagete mitara 馬鹿騒ぎ 笑う門に福来たら肩組んで 星空に夢語って こみ上げて涙がほろり どんなのだって受け入れて ウチら最強って思えたなら そんな瞬間を抱きしめる それが「しあわせ」でしょ? bakasawagi warau… Read more »

Song of the week: Gensou wo Shinjite

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From the livestream of 15th October 2014. This song is a thank you to the fans, so I think it must be posted exclusively on special occasions. Take it as a sort of “preview” for the end-of-the-year post! By the way, expect an update in the next hours! Title: 幻想を信じて Romaji: Gensou wo shinjite Translation: Believe in fantasy Original theme:… Read more »