“Guerrilla and Abyss stuff” (fanclub blog post – 08/01/2019)

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Post revised on December 3, 2020. This post has been retranslated. I’ve also included the parts of the original post that were not relevant to the Abyss and Guerrilla commentaries.

Good evening, Ranko here.

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s the year of the Boar~
I don’t have anything to do with it, but I kind of like it. The boar.

Well, wow did you spend the New Year?
As for me, I relaxed.

I drank a lot after a long time.

The little boar on the bottle is cute. The drink was very tasty.
I opened another bottle of sake in this size. Oh, I wasn’t alone.

This year’s osechi.

They are Japanese, Western, and Chinese osechi. I ate a lot of meat.
I don’t like candied chestnuts and sweet potatoes anymore than I did when I was a kid.

This year’s ouzouni.

It’s funny to see my reflection in the lid.
This is fake because I can’t eat that amount of food. It’s my father’s bowl. But it still looks better than mine.

On the 6th and 7th, I was with Sana, and she took a lot of pictures, so I’ll post them here as well.

/Sushi Samadhi\

Now, as I mentioned in my last post I’m going to talk about the new albums we released at Winter Comiket: Guerrilla and Abyss. Please note that this isn’t a proper liner-notes kind of thing, it’s just a written opinion. LOL

Starting with Abyss.

Tr.1 Kiiroi Hana
I sang it with an image of brightness and kindness in mind. Yellow… I think this song is a bright golden yellow-ish.
I think this song is very easy to sing, has a sense of urgency and it’s BUTAOTOME-ish/Ranko-ish.
Comp wrote the lyrics, but I like the chorus in the second part.

Tr.2 Biroodo
This song is even brighter and hotter than Kiiroi Hana. Uhm, I can imagine myself running to something like a sport’s festival while the refrain is playing (?)
The first verse was fun to sing.
I like the lyrics of the chorus in the second part, too.
“I’ll say thank you on the day I can say thank you”

Tr.3 Yokoshima na Honoo
This is my favorite song. It’s resounding in my brain and I can’t stop humming it.
It’s written and arranged by Paprika. We called it Shabadaba.
I like the original Nuclear Fusion so much that it is in my top 3 themes, this song was hard, but fun to sing. I thought about how to sing the first verse, I followed the melody of the second verse.
I like the piano in the verses of the second part~~~
I think Okuu is cute~.

Tr.4 Chitei no Rakuen
I wrote the lyrics. It’s an arrangement of Wataru mono no Todaeta Hashi.
I’m pretty sure this is the third time I’ve written lyrics about Parsee, but since the song is so bright, I thought I’d write it from a different perspective, and here’s what I came up with.
It’s not like I can just freely force characters and variations. It’s that sort of song.

Tr.5 Yumeyuki
I wrote lyrics for this one, too.
Since it’s an arrangement of Chireitachi no Kitaku and Future Dream, it’s from the viewpoint of Koishi, who is watching Reimu and Marisa return home after the incident resolution.
It has a very lonely feeling, but I wrote about it because I wondered if there might be such a worldview.
When I think about Koishi, I feel like I’m falling into a deep swamp…

Tr.6 Hitotsubu no Kiseki
I like this track too~~~ I think it’s an unusual arrangement that somehow sounds like a choral song, but I’m curious to know what you do think about it.
Every time I sing, I discover something new, but I still have a lot of room to grow, so I hope I can practice a lot and perform this song live someday… that’s how I feel.
I used to be uncomfortable with this type of song, but now I’m tempted to explore whether I can express myself more as I want with them.
It’s a nice song~

Tr.7 Chinpu Story
It’s an arrangement of The Earth Spirits’ Awakening and The Dark Blowhole. I wrote the lyrics. It’s from Reimu’s viewpoint.
This time I was a little conscious about writing the lyrics for the first and last tracks of Subterranean Animism.
This song is exactly like the lyrics, the story begins! It has a sprint feel. The sound of the synth is good, isn’t it?

Tr.8 Atsuki Seikan
Bright! Hot! Refreshing!
I imagined running, jumping, jumping over a wall.
The last part in the refrain has a bit of a high moment, so that was a wall LOL
I like this song’s title, it’s somehow lovely.

Continuing, Guerrilla.

Tr.1 Unmei no Wa
Isn’t this arrangement freaking cool?! Its intro sounds very exciting.
It’s faster, so I sang it with more intensity, while still following the original song and singing style. I want to do it live.

Tr.2 Shi
It has a faster or perhaps stronger feeling over the original song. The refrain of this one was surprisingly easy to sing, and it feels good to sing it. I also love the way I sang the nuwaaa in the second verse.

Tr.3 Ondeko no Namida
I really like the contrast between the laid-back feeling of the first part, and the “Oof”-feeling of the second part.
I used falsetto in some parts of the refrain, but I think I like singing like this. The synth in the outro is lonesome, I like it.

Tr.4 Tsumi to Batsu
Oggod, this one was the hardest song in Guerrillaaaaaaaa!!!!!!11111
It’s fast. So fast. Fast-talking. I wrote the lyrics myself, and I wanted to complain to my old self about how difficult the lyrics were to sing.
The bass is cool. I also like the build-up of the pre-chorus.

Tr.5 Gekokujoujou
I sang it after a long time, but aren’t both this song and this arrangement really good? I thought this while singing.
It was especially fun to record the first verses while thinking about how to sing them~

Tr.6 Rougetsu
The fast song got even faster!!!! That’s the feel. The speed is amazing.
Since I sang it live many times, I was able to sing it without any problem.

Tr.7 Chuudou Hokou
I like this arrangement! It’s good, isn’t it?
I’m happy with it because I properly sang “icchihankai”.
I changed my way of singing a bit here too, but I’m pleased with it.

Tr.8 Utakata
It’s a fast and strong Utakata. This one too was difficult… Again, the way I sang my own lyrics… LOL
But I want to do it live because it’s cool~
It might be interesting as from the intro you don’t know which version you’re listening to ( ¨̮ )

I’m really not good at this kind of thing,
and that’s because I’ll only be able to say things like “I like it” and “It was good”,
but thank you for reading it nonetheless.
I wonder what you listeners think of it~~~
It’s a great pleasure to read your impressions and tweets.

So, we’ve just released lovely CDs.
It’s the beginning of the year of BUTAOTOME’s 10th anniversary.
Please follow us.
Support us especially this year!

Ranko signing off!