One Week BUTAOTOME 166: maimai live party, Touhou Dungeon Dive, etc.

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Oh, finally I can write a recap with some juicy content!

“We might get Minna no live!!”

btw, here is the monthly MiniComp Show, with Shoujo Fractal’s singers as guests. The next episode will be on January 10th, and it will be a Touhou Lost Word special with Kanako Itou.


SEGA will have a special live to celebrate the release of the giant maimai OST! On Friday 18, there will be a free livestream on Youtube where some of the major artists who contributed to the music of the washing machine game will perform live/have a DJ set, and BUTAOTOME will be there!
I’ll be on the voice chat of Tiramisu Cowboy’s Discord to comment the live! You can also hear me screaming if we get Yumehanabi live

Touhou Dungeon Dive

Previous post because I’m too lazy to rewrite some stuff.

The game is out now on the Japanese App Store and Google Play, but you can use qooapp to download it from outside Japan! BUTAOTOME provided 2 songs for the game: the theme song, with vocals by Mel Kishida (no relation with Kishida Kyoudan), and Marisa’s stage theme, “Rambling Magic”. Comp is also the music producer.

The game is incompatible with my device, so I can’t play it, and the following “review” is based on videos and people and friends’ comments.
Touhou Dungeon Dive is a roguelike shooter with gacha ⛈️ elements. Its general feel is that it’s less a “Touhou game” and more a “game with Touhou characters in it”, and it’s very low quality and doujin-esque, even worse than Lost Word (tho, at least this one has 3D models and most of the music is new). The bosses/mobs are spiders and some other weird creatures that certainly can’t be found in a typical Touhou setting. There are no spellcards/special moves, just mindless shooting and dodging.
The music changes depending on your playable character. You start with your usual Reimu and Marisa, and if you want other characters and cool equipment you have to roll the gacha. It’s hard to track down all the music made for the game because there is no music room, a lot of people use Reimu for their gameplay videos, and most of the artists just tweet “I’ve made a track for this new game, kthxbye”. And then you have Alstroemeria Records’ Bad Apple as boss battle BGM and you wonder what the hell Comp smoked and hope it’s a placeholder track.
Overall, it’s an extremely casual game to kill time, and I’m not expecting it to last long unless Star Factory and Seven Volt will advertise anything about it except for the game and do countless giveaways.

Taito’s Switch games

A new update has been released on the Japanese version of Touhou Spell Bubble, adding Lost Word Chronicle!

And a new pack for Groove Coaster Waiwai Party has been released!
It’s Subterranean Animism-themed, and it features Kami no Hi (COSIO’s Nuclear Fusion arrangement with Ranko on vocals) and Karisome (Comp’s Hartmann’s Youkai Girl arrangement with ichigo on vocals). The pack will be released in the non-Japanese shops on January 7.

Aaaaand that’s all for this week!