One Week BUTAOTOME 207: Waizatsu Ideology video, Juushin and HyakuHifuu on Spotify, etc.

Chibi Ranko is relaxing, while Chibi Muse and Scott are trying to find something to do with all these cherry pits…

Touhou albums on streaming services

We just got a new batch of Touhou albums added to Spotify, iTunes, and other services! It focuses on Reitaisai 19 releases, and it includes Hyakumannin no Heikou Hifuu and Juushin! All the relevant links have been added to the album pages. btwtheromanizedtitlesarebadasusual.

Waizatsu Ideology PV

Surprise! Doubt’s final track just got an official upload on YouTube!

The video is made by Ranko (with Doubt album arts by her sis), and it’s her first time making a video! I hope we’ll get more original content soon…
Full lyrics and translation are here.

New live announcement

BUTAOTOME will play at Otoya AFTER BEAT in Kyoto on August 20, as part of the multi-band event “Sekai no Owari to Hard-Boiled Wonder Live”. It will be livestreamed on Twitcasting, but you need to buy a ticket to watch it (and write the artist you are interested to see in the message box).

Translation updates

Translations for all the songs from Long Skirt Panorama Girl and Kansha Kangeki Amearare have been added!
Coming soon: The Final Four.

And that’s all for this week!

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