One Week BUTAOTOME 208: new song for Arcadia Record

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Holy sheep, the Arcaea 4.0 update is brutal on many ways. I can’t stop thinking about it. The story, the new music… It solidifies its status of being my favorite rhythm game, and I still hope it will get a BUTAOTOME song one day. Anyway!

Basil 💚

During these past two weeks, Comp was playing bass for Nanase Aikawa’s newest mini tour. Nanase also recently released a blu-ray/DVD set with her 2021 live performances.


Touhou Arcadia Record published a new PV featuring a new BUTAOTOME song: Shoukei, an arrangement of Innocent Treasures.

There are no lyrics in the PV, so the TC page has… barely any info. I hope they’ll publish them in the future. The official website has been updated with full versions of some of the instrumental tracks (including Seijaku na Yume), check the music player at the bottom!

Touhou Arcadia Record is still a bit shady. The most recent news (although it’s two months old) is that they had to change their official hashtag from 東方アルレコ to 東方アルカ because アルレコ (AruReco) typically refers to Alstroemeria Records. Some people suspected they had that hashtag on purpose, and Damo Games and friends probably thought “let’s go with AruReco, who cares about Alstroemeria Records outside of Bad Apple?”
However, its original stuff (mostly the music) is very high quality, and now I put it in the second spot of my ranking of Touhou gachas and their BUTAOTOME content, only behind Cannonball.

Translation update

…so. Last week I decided to add a translation of Ikkagetsu for the lulz. It’s just a transcription of the English stanza of the song (that’s why it stops at 22 and there is a long TWEEEEEEELVE). But then my brain was like “no Violet, you are going to translate all of Tanjou now. Finish your job. Get the true 100% in original songs.” So… yeah, every Tanjou track is translated, along with the elusive Tensai to Sagishi. I said multiple times that PapComp tracks have lower priority, and well… it still applies to I LOVE RED and I LOVE CHERRY tracks, and I may translate them once I’m done with every “serious” album, mostly due to their different style of writing (Tanjou was mostly nonsense/Genome Aji-level).

But heeey, I made a promise and I’m not going to break it so easily! Shoujo Rengoku 2 is fully translated, bringing the Shoujo Rengoku series to 100% completion (until we get more albums in the future)! Only 3 untranslated albums…

And that’s all for today!