One Week BUTAOTOME 185: an exciting Touhou summer and more stuff!

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Omg, a recap after one week?!?!

jubeat update

The mobile version of KONAMI’s jubeat recently got an update in the BUTAOTOME folder, by adding 5 Touhou songs: Machibito wa Kozu., Gekokujoujou, Panorama Girl, Utakata and Good Meister! This marks the rhythm game debut of the latter 3 songs.
This update was made to celebrate Ranko’s wedding, hence the song choices were based on her favorite Touhou characters!
Marisa -> Good Meister
Yuuka -> Panorama Girl
Mokou -> Utakata
A Joon song is missing, and while they could have included Fabulous in the update, I guess they didn’t want to have repeated original themes (Solid is already in the game).

BOOTH update

Touhou Doujin Music Distribution updated its guidelines about digital albums on BOOTH. Starting from August 13, artists will be allowed to provide download versions of their Touhou albums in their own shop, without going through TDMD, as long as they add 東方Project tag. TDMD’s BOOTH page will be closed. It’s now up to BUTAOTOME if they want to provide digital versions of their albums through their own BOOTH.

Touhou Danmaku Kagura livestream

There will be a livestream tomorrow! BUTAOTOME won’t be there, but there will be some news related to them, including the release date of Touhou Danmaku Kagura and more info about the Touhou Arrange Revitalization Plan.

TC updates

First of all… I’m stuck with the Nekokenban retrospective part 2. I wish I could publish it before the first part turns one year old, but I can’t find any motivation to write reviews. I apologize.

I’m working on more translations, and I’ve published translations of some 10 years old stuff. First is the Machibito wa Kozu manga featured in the out-of-print book collage. Secondly, are several tracks from everyone’s favorite ButaHyphenOtome release: Sadistic Brownie! All the tracks available on this website have been translated except for Gensou Shinwa.

Aaaand that’s all for today!