Touhou Danmaku Kagura livestream recap

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Here is a recap of the news that are relevant to BUTAOTOME.

First of all, we have more info about Beatmario’s Big Touhou Arrangement Revitalization Plan.

Tracklist for the Touhou Oto Hanabi compilation is up! BUTAOTOME provided a new arrangement of Septet for a Dead Princess: Kawaranai Sora ni (変わらない空に). It’s track 2 of disc 4. Crossfade will be up at a later date!

BUTAOTOME’s release for the Touhou Lunatic Release will be… a best of album: Ura BEST (裏BEST).

As only the songs included in the BEST album remain in people’s memories, I would like to say now that this is the “Hidden gem Best Album”.
This is the “Ura best” album with tracks selected by the members from the Touhou arrangement albums released during the BEST 1 era!

The release date is expected to be August 14 (or later in August).

Secondly, the release date of Touhou Danmaku Kagura is August 4! The game is up on the Japanese App Store and Google Play. The initial playable songs selection will include the already revealed Hakanaki Mono Ningen, Gekokujojou and Diao ye zong’s Uso to Doukoku.