“O Ma To Me” (BUTAOTOME blog post, 29/01/2016)

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Original post

This is an old post from the old BUTAOTOME blog, where Ranko talked about the Omatome tracks. I’ve decided to (re)translate it because I’m currently translating this album. (it will take a while since it’s 13 tracks, tho)

Good evening, Ranko here.

Omatome~!!!!! Yeee!!!

It’ll be released the day after tomorrooooooow!!!!
It’s nice to hear these tracks in one place.


Best regards!

Here is a little commentary.
In form of my written thoughts.

1. Gikunshi no Akuchi
Mahou Shoujotachi no Hyakunensai
[Diverse System “thE3”]

There’s also a version sung by Mario. It’s cool! I like the melody and the lyrics.

Uchoutenpen ~ Wonderful Heaven
[Areazero “Touhou Kuuenka -KURENAI-“]

Fierce! It’s a Tenshi song. We played it once at Skeleton.

3. Konpeitou
Natsukashiki Touhou no Chi ~ Old World; Extend Ash ~ Houraibito; Tsuki made Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri
[Harigon “KeneMoko Emotions”]

This is a cute KeneMoko song. I sang it with a very cute voice. It’s one of the older songs in this collection.

4. Ima Narabe
Shoujo Satori ~ 3rd eye
[“Akiba Bunkasai Compilation CD Vol.3”]

This is the one I’m most familiar with out of the songs on this compilation. We’ve been playing it a lot in live performances. It’s intense. A song about getting down on your knees.

5. Akai Hitomi
Mukougawa no Tsuki
[Ex-Eientei “Hifuu Club Horror Goudou Hyakuotogo”]

A scary song. It’s so eerie. The intro reminds me of Ultra Q.

6. Kogane no Itami
Meiji Juunananen no Shanghai Alice [sic. The song is actually Shanghai Kouchakan ~ Chinese Tea]
[Exist twinkle “Lieblings Tracks”]

The chorus was fast and difficult to sing. A cool Meiling song. I like the original theme because it is easy to understand.

7. Inori wo Komete
Higan Kikou ~ Riverside View
[Diverse System “thE2.5”]

I remember recording this song with many thoughts and feelings, as Comp wrote the lyrics with many thoughts and feelings. I hope you’ll listen to it, because I sang it with great care.

8. Douin
Plastic Mind
[Diverse System “thE3.5”]

This is very balladic, which is unusual for us. When we recorded it, I darkened the booth and sang with my eyes closed. I wanted to feel the quietness. It’s a good song.

9. U R A
Fuujin Shoujo
[Areazero “Touhou Kuuenka -HAYATE”-]

Strong! Fuujin Shoujo fits strong arrangements.

10. Kireba Wakaru
Touhou Youyoumu ~ Ancient Temple
[Areazero’s Magen Kuuenka -Gensou no Rei-]

The strong songs continue~ This is a song that makes me feel good when I can sing the chorus properly. I like the lyrics, they are cool.

11. Kyoukaisen no Protocol
Shoujo Hifuu Club
[Shimensoka / Iyokan. / TUMENECO “genmu -Utsutsu no Yume-“]

The guitar phrase is from the original song, but it sounds like battle music, so it’s cool.

12. Seijaku na Yoru
Bucureşti no Ningyoushi; Maid to Chi no Kaichuudokei
[AZITAMATEISHOKU “SakuAli x Sacrifice!”]

First of all, the combination of Sakuya and Alice is fresh! I think this arrangement is what you would expect from Comp

13. MOBU
Locked Girl ~ Shoujo Misshitsu
[Areazero “Magen Kuuenka -Gensou no Ichi-“]

Mob! This is one of the more intense ones, but it’s relatively new. You can tell by my voice. I don’t waaant to be a mob.

And tomorrow is Touhou ABC!
It’s the beginning. I’m so excited.
I hope everyone will be happy.
I can’t wait to meet you.
Wait for me, Kyushu.

Well, see you tomorrow!