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“O Ma To Me” (BUTAOTOME blog post, 29/01/2016)

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Original post This is an old post from the old BUTAOTOME blog, where Ranko talked about the Omatome tracks. I’ve decided to (re)translate it because I’m currently translating this album. (it will take a while since it’s 13 tracks, tho) Good evening, Ranko here. Omatome~!!!!! Yeee!!! It’ll be released the day after tomorrooooooow!!!!It’s nice to hear these tracks in one… Read more »

[OLD] Omatome – (late) review

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I promised it a month ago, and finally is here! Why I delayed it so much? Well, you’ll read it in the extra section. I remember I always really wanted an omnibus disc with all the compilation tracks, or at least some of these to be recycled in random albums: I don’t care about the majority of those CDs except… Read more »


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There is no official page yet, but here is the Melonbooks link! おまとめ | Omatome 偽君子の悪血 | Gikunshi no akuchi [Mahou Shoujotachi no Hyakunensai] (from Diverse System’s thE3) GURA・GURA [Uchoutenpen ~ Wonderful Heaven] (from AREAZERO’s Touhou Kuenka -KURENAI-) コンペイ糖 | Konpeitou [Natsukashiki Touhou no Chi ~ Old World | Extend Ash ~ Houraibito | Tsuki made Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri]… Read more »