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[OLD] Furubokko – review

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First of all, I’ve listened to sachlich and the lyrics are up! Though, I won’t spend other words on it because, honestly, I found it very disappointing. Sorry. Now, let’s move on. This is an article that means a lot for me. But before starting with the main dish of this review, let’s do a retrospective about BUTAOTOME’s originals, the… Read more »

[OLD] Paradise Lost + Nekokenban 13 – review

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Finally I bring you the long awaited review for the C91 stuff! For the C91 vocal album, I expected Rasen Zetsubou (the new Pure Furies arrange, which was originally made for the Playstation version of Touhou Sky Arena) to be featured, mainly because almost all the tracks in the Touhou Kuenka UTAGE album got rereleased by their respective circles (half… Read more »

Gohoukoku ga arimasu medley + Touhou Livebox news

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So, why I haven’t uploaded the Gohoukoku live on Youtube, even though it got broadcasted on Niconico? It’s because I haven’t got the permission to upload it, since it involved a different type of management, unlike the weekly namahousou/other liveshows streaming. Sorry! Anyway, here is my attempt to recreate the medley that got played during that concert! It has The… Read more »

Check Check Check One Two! (KurageP song) – Piano ver.

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Paprika just uploaded a piano version of Check Check Check One Two! (チェチェ・チェック・ワンツー!), a song by KurageP. Nicovideo link (I’m currently reuploading it on Youtube, hoping there are no problems…) EDIT: I’ve asked Paprika if it was fine to reupload it and she told me no. Sorry 🙁

[OLD] FREAKS (+ stuff) – Review

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I’m finally able to give the long awaited review! Prepare yourself for a long read. First of all, some history (feel free to skip this part): as everybody knows, I’m an huge fan of the Hifuu Club and an hunter of arranges related to them. BUTAOTOME’s Hifuu songs are among my dearest songs in their entire catalogue (second only to… Read more »

Butaotome’s Hifuu Songs

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This is mainly an English and updated version of this old post. It was something I planned to write since a long time, and I wanted to finally post it this weekend. But today a new ZUN album has been announced, so I think it’s the best moment! (random RenMerry drawing by Ranko no Ane, just for make this post… Read more »

The community strike went away!

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Hey, this is a long video, you know what it means? The community strike finally expired and now I have more freedom with uploading stuff! Party timeeeee :trumpets: As soon as I noticed the channel regained good standing, I uploaded this video, the Nouzui live! One of my favourite Buta liveshows. In the next days I’ll tidy up my live… Read more »

[OLD] Omatome – (late) review

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I promised it a month ago, and finally is here! Why I delayed it so much? Well, you’ll read it in the extra section. I remember I always really wanted an omnibus disc with all the compilation tracks, or at least some of these to be recycled in random albums: I don’t care about the majority of those CDs except… Read more »