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Romaji pickiness – trying to fix mistakes

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I’m back from my holiday! I bring you Munmun Manman’s full lyrics page thanks to Jordi and now I can finally work on some stuff I missed! Today I want to talk about romanized titles on non-Japanese shops. Now that BUTAOTOME’s Touhou discography is on iTunes and Google Play, we can read some “official” romanizations for their music. I always… Read more »

[Discussion/rant?] The Music Game Best and compilation contributions

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A random post I got the idea some nights ago while sleeping. The C93 releases are officially out! This time I ordered my copies through the usual proxy service and I’ll publish lyrics/other info once they arrive at my house. You won’t have to wait too much for the review. But here we are talking about the least important of… Read more »

Know Your Remix – a guide to alternate versions

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The other day I got the idea of making a list of all the alternate versions and remixes in BUTAOTOME’s track catalogue. From there, I decided to analyze each one of them and find a suitable category. Join me in this colorful journey! – in blue, songs released in normally available albums in BUTAOTOME’s discography. – in red, songs released… Read more »

[Discussion] A new live DVD?

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C92 announcements are flooding my timelines, and I noticed there is an abundance of live DVDs. That made me rise my hope that Butaotome would release one as well, with the Kore made mo live and/or Furubokkoru tour footages. I’ve discussed with Scott and here are the points we’ve brought up: – First of all, how this DVD (or even… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s setlists: staple songs

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So, it’s time for an article I had the idea of writing since a couple of weeks, but after posting a list of all the songs played during the Furubokkoru tour I thought “why not?” This is basically a recap of every BUTAOTOME album with me writing which are the so-called “staples” (aka the songs played almost at every live)… Read more »

[Discussion] Ranko’s best of?

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The concept for this article is something I thought since a long time, but I only thought about writing it in the last few months. In all these years, Ranko sang for many other circles and arrangers outside BUTAOTOME: most of these tracks are of similar genres, while others go outside those borders. While she is not like a random… Read more »

Butaotome’s Hifuu Songs

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This is mainly an English and updated version of this old post. It was something I planned to write since a long time, and I wanted to finally post it this weekend. But today a new ZUN album has been announced, so I think it’s the best moment! (random RenMerry drawing by Ranko no Ane, just for make this post… Read more »