[Discussion] A new live DVD?

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C92 announcements are flooding my timelines, and I noticed there is an abundance of live DVDs. That made me rise my hope that Butaotome would release one as well, with the Kore made mo live and/or Furubokkoru tour footages. I’ve discussed with Scott and here are the points we’ve brought up:

– First of all, how this DVD (or even Blu-ray, why not!) will be released? Under major or doujin? I’ve looked through Kishida Kyoudan (which are the most known example of half-major band/half-Touhou circle and I’ve used them as reference while writing the post about Butaotome’s major future)’s discography and I’ve discovered that all their live DVDs are published under doujin, even though they also include major songs. I think this might be due to the presence of Touhou arranges, so probably Buta will follow the same. But Scott pointed me out that The Pig is not established enough in the music world outside of Touhou works, so it would be better for them if Avex will manage this release. Perhaps they could just do an original-focused live (maybe after 1 or 2 major albums) for this.

– Then, another point is that the venue is important. Liquid Room (the Kore made mo venue) is not really a big venue and all of the Furubokkoru tour venues are just small livehouses. The DVD must have a big location, something that random people could watch and think “omg they are so popular, look at how big the venue is and how many people there are!!!!” And that is something that is captured in the Jump Otome DVD quite well: Tsutaya O-EAST is also very popular.

– Said this, the most important thing is that this second live DVD will be also a spiritual successor of the Jump Otome DVD and it must be on par with it under every aspect, if not even exceeding them (video quality, setlist – JO has 28 songs!, etc.). And sadly, no one of the recent lives seem to qualify that.
By the way, random footages from small venues and also not professionally edited could be just released in the fanclub (like that video published there a couple of weeks ago).

That’s all for this post! These are mostly my (and Scott’s) thoughts, who knows, maybe in the next few days Butaotome will troll us and actually announce a DVD release with half of the Furubokkoru tour in potato quality (every reference is purely casual). Now, what about you? Are you also waiting for another live DVD?