Weekly recap 4: music games talks, etc.

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Original title: “I asked Jordi for the title but he gave me this crappy suggestion.”

Jokes aside, let’s start! There was no streaming this week!

theater 4
TC Crew Theater 4

Last Saturday, Comp was a guest in the Reitaisai livestream: they mostly talked about the Uta Matsuri events, and you can rewatch it here. From the 50 minute mark, you can see some BUTAOTOME live footages from the Taiwanese Uta Matsuri! Warning: audio quality is crap.

It seems there won’t be any new BUTAOTOME live for August (Touhou Freaks has been advertized as next live), but Ranko will be a guest singer on Denkousekka vol.1, a live event organized by Wani, scheduled on the 10th of August. She will just sing Sally songs arranged by Wani. Mirai Yohou, basically.

This was already reported, but Gensou no Satellite is available on Nostalgia’s arcade since a few days! It’s a new recording, with just piano and vocals. For some reasons, this Nostalgia game enchants me, and I wanted some more BUTAOTOME songs there. I hope they’ll make a new original song for this game! By the way, in which music game you want to see more Pig songs?

Following last week’s announcement, dilemma, the song made for Sound Voltex, got its album release in “SOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS: BOOTH LEGACY -1-” after 5 years. The album is part of a Volte Factory good campaign which will last until the 10th of September. Here is explained in English how to get it, if you are a Sound Voltex player in Japan! I hope it will be released in a more accesible way in future (or, at least, I will be able to get what I need from this compilation).
Personal note: when I read the news of dilemma’s album release, I was VERY euphoric: I remember I once asked Comp if the song would have been released on CD and he replied me that “it won’t be released from BUTAOTOME’s side”. Which meant it would have been released exclusively in a Konami album. Years passed, Konami released lots of Sound Voltex OSTs, but no sign of dilemma. I’ve lost every hope. Now we need to wait for a Gitadora soundtrack with Kakera and Tanpopo, and, from Sega, a Chunithm soundtrack with Akarui Mirai (and I swear I’ll go crazy for that one).

Last news is that the Autumnal Reitaisai 4 (scheduled on the 15th of October) circle list has been published, and BUTAOTOME will participate! It’s unknown what they’ll bring and if. Autumnal events are always kinda unpredictable…

That’s all for this week! Also, something will come in the next few days… ( ¨̮ )