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[COSTANTLY UPDATED] BUTAOTOME’s Hifuu songs – the revised edition

Tomorrow is Kagaku Seiki no Café Terrace, also known as “Kyoto Hifuu”! I decided to remake an old post. As the title (and the previous post) say, this is a list of all of BUTAOTOME’s Hifuu arrangements. It will also include instrumental tracks and remixed versions! Full albums Kouseki Radio Folie à deux FREAKS sachlichNote: Ranko no Ane sings Yuusei… Read more »

Kyoukai kara Mieta Keshiki release: sachlich

So, the new Hifuu album is a full-8 tracks and its overall theme is “Old taboo”. It has 5 instrumental tracks and 3 songs with… Ranko no Ane singing!: sachlichWebsite /// Crossfade in preparation 1. 朝のベベドール | Asa no Bebedor [Hangover of Bedfellows Dreaming Differently] 2. Mの居る部屋 | M no iru Heya [Green Sanatorium] 3. ありふれた擬態 | Arifureta Gitai [The… Read more »

Butaotome’s Hifuu Songs

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This is mainly an English and updated version of this old post. It was something I planned to write since a long time, and I wanted to finally post it this weekend. But today a new ZUN album has been announced, so I think it’s the best moment! (random RenMerry drawing by Ranko no Ane, just for make this post… Read more »