BUTAOTOME’s setlists: staple songs

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So, it’s time for an article I had the idea of writing since a couple of weeks, but after posting a list of all the songs played during the Furubokkoru tour I thought “why not?”

This is basically a recap of every BUTAOTOME album with me writing which are the so-called “staples” (aka the songs played almost at every live) and the songs that got played live. Technically, someone could just check the ButaBest tracklists to have an idea of which are the standard live songs… but it’s not always like this.

Before proceeding with this post, I want to thank a lot the Japanese BUTAOTOME fan community, in particular Ark_Lucifead and fortunaex, because they posted a lot of setlists on Twitter. Without their contributions, the live section of this site would have lots of holes and even the setlists for some irrelevant mini-lives offered some help with writing this article. I also want to thank Scott for his live reports ❤ Also, a little note that I don’t have every single setlist, and perhaps some of the very old songs not mentioned here or mentioned as “never played live” were actually played in one of those concerts. Also, songs played during the good old Utau Namahousou are not taken in consideration.


Touhou Kaiten Mokuba
All the songs got played live! The 2011 two-man tour had lives that focused on a specific album, with all the tracks played (this is applicable on the subsequential albums up until En). Anyway, nowadays Machibito wa Kozu. is played almost always, Kyoai, Mamorubeki Mono and The fear is oneself can pop up sometimes.

Gensou Homo Ludens
All the songs got played live, but nowadays Gensou no Satellite is basically The Undroppable. Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe is also a pretty common song (especially as closer). Songs that have a faint chance to appear in setlist are Unmei no Wa, Ashita mo Haremasu you ni and Nani mo nai Mori.

Long Skirt Panorama Girl
All the songs got played, Panorama Girl is pretty much a staple, Jigoku Kakurenbo and Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida can pop up sometimes. Renge no Yume also appeared during the 2013 tour.

Tasogare Elegy
All the songs played. Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no Tsukikage is a staple, Bero bero be pops up sometimes, Aware na Minashigo was also played some timesafter the 2011 tour.

All the songs played. Kyouen is a staple, Yume janai Nanika and Kasho no Yume were also played sometimes, but they came back during the Trauma Recorder tour (Kasho no Yume got even a chance to be played in a non-Touhou live!).

Kansha Kangeki Amearare
All the songs played, though Aishuu and Mihatenu Yume no Tsudzuki wo were probably in their original version. Yurara Kamishibai is still a bit of staple.

Oriental Yumekikou
This album doesn’t seem to have a standard song. All the songs got played live except for Koishi ni, Mayoigo no Mezame and Aizou Rondo.

Engen Kagura Uta
Surprisingly, Anata to Watashi is rarely played (at least one time during 2012). Sora no aru Basho was the standard song from this album, but nowadays it pretty much disappeared. Ikiru and Deadman’s Lovely Life were quite often played, the former one still pops up nowadays.

Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to tama ni blablabla.
Itsumo no Futari still pops up sometimes. Revoleader Align was played a few times during 2012-2013 and one time during the Trauma tour. Choukahanka Shikisokuzekuu got played sometimes. Nai., Suisai no Kusa and Futatsume no Kokyou got played once. By the way, Futatsume no Kokyou is the only Paprika vocal arrange that ever got a chance to be played live.

Due to the presence of guest vocalists, tracks from this album can be played only if the guests are available, either with a two-three man show with their respective circle or simply as special guests. Anyway, so far only Kougen (Shoudoteki no Hito), Fuwa*Kira (Amane), Eiga no Saki (ichigo) and Kitto Todoku (Beatmario) got played.

Kouseki Radio
All the songs from this album got played at some point, most of them were during the Circus live, but Moldavite got its live debut a few years later. Moonstone still appears often in the setlists and Pyrite is sometimes used as interlude.

Y pops up sometimes, NAIMAZE was played especially during 2013, Seizai Eijo was played once.

It seems this album got pretty much forgotten nowadays. Ondeko no Namida and Minna no used to be its staples (and only songs from there played), but they came back during the Trauma tour.

Shoujo Rengoku
Hakanaki Mono Ningen is very common, Towa no Maigo was also played. Omokakushi and Kettou got played 1-2 times.

Tsumi to Batsu played a few times, Shi and Sei appeared one/two times.

All the songs got played live in the namesake TRASH BOX live, but nowadays there is no “strong” staple from this album. Songs that got played sometimes after that live were Hoshi no Kiseki, Hajime no Ippo, Ashita no Kako and also Katte Ninjou.

Hito no Tame, Anata no Uta, Koi no Yamai and Yakeru you na Aka de got played live quite a few times. The latter two still pop up in setlists sometimes.

Shoujo Rengoku 2
Seems a pretty forgotten album. Gekokujoujou and Gedou no Sakazuki got played only 1-2 times.

Arikitari na Nouzui yo, Koyoi no Tsuki to Odore
Mittsu Kazoero, Circus no Knife Nage, Mirai and Moshimo no Hanashi got played live. Nowadays the first one seems a bit staple, but Mirai came back in the Namanamashii live and Trauma Recorder tour.

Folie à deux
Nokosareta Hoshi and Namida Tojikometa Sora got played 1-2 times. Ikeru tokoro blabla was used sometimes as interlude, accompaning Pyrite.

Suzu no Sorane
Chosha Fumei wa Tayasuku Nusumareru, Shikaban Hyakkiyakou Emaki, Uchide no Kodzuchi no Zanshi and Karisome no Seven Wonder were staples during the Droncho tour. Nowadays only the first two pop up here and there (with Shikaban being more common), but Seven Wonder came back during the Trauma tour.

Shoujo Rengoku 3
Futatsu no Cinema pops up sometimes, Nawatobi got played 3 times.

Getsumen Tansa
Rougetsu pops up here and there, Sakebe was played only three times.

Kyou ga Saigo no Ichinichi
Good Master, Warp on and Mou nani mo hoka ni iranai hazu sa got played a few times! Aru Haru no Hi also got its live spot once.

Anata ni wa Miete got played 3 times.

Paradise Lost
Only RAKUEN got played once.

Giji Kazoku Nyuumon
Sorairo Ribbon was played during all the Furubokkoru tour shows and it still shows up sometimes! Futari dake no Kotoba also got a couple of live perfomances. And Chuudou Hokou recently got a couple of performances.

…The Cosmic Nothing…

Ayakashi Yokochou
Mesen and Inzen were staples during the Trauma Recorder tour, and the former one is still played in minor Touhou lives (and not just lol).

All the songs got played except for Seika and Tarantula. Sharekoube is staple, Fashion Chuunibyou used to appear often in setlist, Panorama became quite common in the Furubokko-related setlists, probably as foreshadow to Trauma Recorder. Flight on deep time also used to pop up here and there, and it was also played some times during 2010 in some very minor festival. Nowadays this album is forgotten, except for the two tracks re-recorded in the major albums.

All the songs got played at least once! Including Kaimenkasseizai, just recently, though it was basically the studio track (vocals included) with Ranko trying to sing it live but her voice was pretty much drowned out. Trash aside, Yubi Shaburi used to be played often, Circus still pops up here and there, Ikkaishoubu is quite irregular, Kudaranai Hibi can be there for the ballad spot.

All the songs got played except for Moumokuteki Kansoubun and Genome Aji. Nowadays, Saru and Tiramisu Cowboy are staples (though the latter is less played recently). Usotsuki was kinda common for the ballad spot.

All the song played except for Goodbye Goodbye and Henshitsuteki Souseiji. Yumezakura is a staple, Itami Honpo still pops up here and there, Kokochiyosa ni Shine used to be played often.

All the songs got their live spot except for Anti-Fashion Chuunibyou and Kibouteki Kansokushi. There are no clear staples from this album, but Mou ii yo was quite common in the ballad spot and was played often even during those “original-only” mini-lives. Waizatsu Ideology appeared for the ballad spot, Yuukeimukei can still pops up sometimes, Shinsan Game used to be played here and there and Taikan Rolling got more live performances during the Furubokkoru tour.

Well, being a major release, this EP got LOTS of love and promotion! All the tracks got played at the major liveshows since its release (obviously excluding Touhou-related festivals) and until Trauma Recorder’s release. Now, the title track is still a strong staple, Radical Shoujo and Sharekoube are still played (though they were played one-two times during the Trauma Recorder tour), Hakusen disappeared during the Trauma tour but it’s still there for the ballad spot, Motelab. and Mou ashita nanka Iranai are irregular.

Trauma Recorder
The entirety of this EP got played live during its promotional lives! The title track and Ikiru no ga Heta na dake are also staples in minor lives. For future lives, I think Zurezure na Hibi and Fusoku Hokou will be rotated for the ballad spot, with the former one being more common, while Yodare and Panorama will become irregular.

Very old setlist (specifically from the first one man shows) used to include a Paprika piano corner, where she played Nekokenban tracks and instrumental versions.

Yes, some songs from the I LOVE albums/Tanjou got their live spot, especially during the Touhou ABC tour. Dance Dance Dance, Gen’ei no Naka de, and Let’s Matsuri got played live once/two times. Ikkagetsu became a staple during the Trauma Recorder tour, serving as a sort of intro for the Compachi corner.

AKA the tracks released on CDs limited for those who attended/purchased a ticket for Jump Otome or Kashiramoji. Shiawase was played live sometimes (even after Jump Otome), Futari dake no Sekai, Gensou wo Shinjite, Kegarenaki Hakusen and Mondai got played one/two times.

Fanbook songs
For promoting the fanbook, Kiraware and Otona Gum got played a couple of time during 2016. Ane no Ekaki Uta also got its spot during Trauma Laundry.

Compilation tracks (including ButaBest and Omatome)
Compilation songs used to be included in BUTAOTOME’s setlist, but now they pretty much pick exclusively main album songs. The majority of the very old guest songs were played at the time, Ima Narabe was played some times during 2012-2013 and GURA GURA and Hakike ga suru hodo gesu na yume got played once during Skeleton. Nowadays, Fuwari Kakusei is the only one that still pops up (Hatenabito got more love during the Furubokkoru tour). Regarding originals, Akubi was played often during 2012-2013 (with the introuduction of original songs in their setlist, which happened with the ButaSaiban tour), Kakera and Heisei Kaisei Dottenshan got played once.

And that’s all for this post! It was fun to write. Even though I often complain about BUTAOTOME’s setlists (specifically the Touhou-only ones, due to the exaggerated focus on their old singles), a live must not be judged solely for that: the experience is a whole different factor and I hope one day I will be able to see my favourite group live.