Pocket no News 21: work in progress for both sides

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It’s been a while since the last update of this series! There is no streamo today, so I’m writing an update now.

At the moment I’m updating some stuff here and there, as well as working on the upcoming two big posts.

Speaking of BUTAOTOME, they started to work on the C92 releases, which will be probably the usual!
They are also posting various contents in their official fanclub! At the moment there are some pics, blog posts (Paprika kept her format from the old blog) some random introductory videos and also one from the studio! Personally, I hope they’ll release some live footage. Probably it’s unnecessary to say, but I won’t repost here any content from the fanclub: it’s BUTAOTOME’s decision to make this stuff available only for Piggies. As I’ve wrote in the edit of the previous post, you can join it from outside Japan, but you can’t request a member card or join the lotteries because they require a Japanese address.

That was a short update, see you in a few hours with the final song of the week!