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Kemono Friends goods

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Tomorrow is Friends Chihoo and finally The Sis revealed the new goods in a last minute announcement and without a proper minisite! There are six goods and each couple of them is dedicated to one character of the main trio. First we have “Jinrui no Eichi”/“mankind’s wisdom” tote bag and t-shirt. Tote bag: 2000 yen, 40cm x 48cm, it can… Read more »

BUTAOTOME at Friends Chihoo 2

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BUTAOTOME will participate at Friends Chihoo 2, a Kemono Friends only event which will be held on September 23! It’s the first time they’ll have a booth at a non-Touhou event (excluding original-related events such as Comitia). 唐突ですがフレンズチホー2申し込んでました。 pic.twitter.com/Qcw2ZtHiD5 — ランコの姉@豚乙女 (@rankoane) June 29, 2017 Translation of the circle cut: “We’ll make goods for everyday use.” “They’ll have a motif… Read more »