Kemono Friends goods

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Tomorrow is Friends Chihoo and finally The Sis revealed the new goods in a last minute announcement and without a proper minisite!

There are six goods and each couple of them is dedicated to one character of the main trio.

First we have “Jinrui no Eichi”/“mankind’s wisdom” tote bag and t-shirt.

Tote bag: 2000 yen, 40cm x 48cm, it can contain 12 rolls of toilet paper!
T-shirt: 2000 yen, medium and large sizes available.

Next are “Real Serval” clutch bag and t-shirt (Sis kept that typo…).
Clutch bag: 2000 yen, 36cm x 26cm, it can contain your portable PC and little things.
T-shirt: 2000 yen, medium and large sizes available.

At last we have “Best Boss” pouch and keyholder.
Pouch: 1700 yen, 205mm x 120mm
Keychain: 500 yen, 4,5cm.

As freebie, there are the feathers from Kaban’s hat. They’ll be given to those who buy any good except the keyholder. The red one is event limited.
Sis said that there might be shop sales if they get accepted.

P.s.: mastering for the second major album is done!!!