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There is no official page yet, but here is the Melonbooks link! おまとめ | Omatome 偽君子の悪血 | Gikunshi no akuchi [Mahou Shoujotachi no Hyakunensai] (from Diverse System’s thE3) GURA・GURA [Uchoutenpen ~ Wonderful Heaven] (from AREAZERO’s Touhou Kuenka -KURENAI-) コンペイ糖 | Konpeitou [Natsukashiki Touhou no Chi ~ Old World | Extend Ash ~ Houraibito | Tsuki made Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri]… Read more »

Daikyuushuu Touhousai release + fanbook on Amazon

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Butaotome will bring a “new” album for Daikyuushuu Touhousai! Not the expected I LOVE Imperishable Night, but a collection of various tracks not in any Buta-album (Toranoana albums and such). There will be 13 tracks! While waiting for a proper announcement + tracklist, let’s speculate about which tracks will be included by looking at this list! Meanwhile, the fanbook is… Read more »