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Touhou Danmaku Kagura livestream recap

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Here is a recap of the news that are relevant to BUTAOTOME. First of all, we have more info about Beatmario’s Big Touhou Arrangement Revitalization Plan. Tracklist for the Touhou Oto Hanabi compilation is up! BUTAOTOME provided a new arrangement of Septet for a Dead Princess: Kawaranai Sora ni (変わらない空に). It’s track 2 of disc 4. Crossfade will be up… Read more »

The Big Touhou Arrangement Revitalization Plan

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A new project was announced during today’s Touhou Danmaku Kagura’s theme song premiere, and it’s not the release date of the game. Due to Coronavirus, events and lives have been canceled. “If things will continue like this, the vitality of the Touhou arrangement community will disappear, and that’s too sad!!!” So, our poop Beatmario had this idea: the Touhou Arrange… Read more »

[OLD] Shoujo Rengoku 5 – review

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Welcome back to the usual review corner! This time we’ll talk about just the newest vocal album: as I said in a previous post, any talk about Nekokenban 20 will be reserved for the final part of the Nekokenban retrospective. But now leeeet’s goooo… Like last time, my copy of the album is not here with me. So here is… Read more »

Touhou arrangements pack on Groove Coaster 2

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For those who own an android or iOS, a pack of Touhou songs for Groove Coaster 2 is now available worldwide, and it includes the Butaotome songs featured in the original Japanese release! The songs are “Machibito wa kozu.”, “Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no tsukikage”, “Gensou no satellite” and “Kyouen”. Groove Coaster 2 official site News source

Song of the week: Nawatobi

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From today (26th August)’s streaming! While waiting for Shoujo Rengoku 3, here is a short and acoustic version of the second track. Title: 縄跳び Romaji: Nawatobi Translation: Skipping rope Original theme: Desire Drive もう 遠くに 遠くに 夢は描けない  もう さよなら さよなら さよなら  もう よしなに よしなに 後始末をして  もう さよなら さよなら 忘れて mou tooku ni tooku ni yume wa egakenai mou sayonara sayonara sayonara mou yoshinani yoshinani atoshimatsu wo shite mou sayonara sayonara wasurete 欺いても欺いても欺けない運命の山… Read more »

Comiket 88 guest list

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Friday is Comiket 88! Let’s take a look to what we can find Buta-related, other than the upcoming albums! Touhou PARTY BOX Disc 1, track 12: ナニカシラ | Nanikashira [The Fantastic Tales from Tono] Disc 2, track 5: 嫌々 | Iyaiya [Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll] (the third disc just contains old songs from the participants circles, and Buta’s selected… Read more »

C88 albums!

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They are here! 少女煉獄 第三巻 | Shoujo Rengoku Daisankan 1. ふたつのシネマ | Futatsu no cinema [Last Occultism ~ Utsushiyo no Hijutsushi] 2 縄跳び | Nawatobi [Desire Drive] 3 涅槃待ち | Nehan machi [Jidai Oyaji to Haikara Shoujo] 4 自己宇宙 | Jiko uchuu [Occult à la Carte | Akasareru Shinpi] 5. 花 | Hana [Kamisabita Kosenjou ~ Suwa Foughten Field] 6. 暗宙模索… Read more »