Comiket 88 guest list

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Friday is Comiket 88! Let’s take a look to what we can find Buta-related, other than the upcoming albums!


Disc 1, track 12: ナニカシラ | Nanikashira [The Fantastic Tales from Tono]
Disc 2, track 5: 嫌々 | Iyaiya [Poison Body ~ Forsaken Doll]
(the third disc just contains old songs from the participants circles, and Buta’s selected track is Hakanaki mono ningen)

Touhou Gensoukyou UROBOROS 4

Disc 2, track 2: オソレナシ | Osorenashi [Hartmann’s Youkai Girl]

COOL&CREATE Hakurei Festival

The fifth track is a Butaotome cover of the popular Cool&Create song “Ningen ga daisuki na kowareta youkai no uta”!

Shinpiteki Gakkyokushuu – Usami Sumireko to Himitsu no Bushitsu
Ups, I forgot it! ^^“ Anyway, the official release of Urban Legend in Limbo’s music, with Comp’s arrangement of Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly!

Toho Warfare:BLACK SPARK | Younoumi

Ranko sings the second track, “Paradise in perpetuity”, an arrange of Plastic Mind and Locked Girl.


Ranko sings the ninth track, “天地有用” (Tenchi yuuyou), a Reverse Ideology arrangement.

Touhou Dance School Vol.10 | DiGiTAL WiNG

Now for something different from usual. Domino Amayadori dances on some Digital Wing tracks, but also “Kakoinaki yo wa ichigo no tsukikage”, with Ranko no Ane as special guest! There is also an extra video with them and katsu playing cards (?).

Also… Sally planned to release an album (“Less 2”), and Ranko recorded her usual tracks in May. Due to personal problems from Wani, the album won’t be released this time.